Trump, China & World War 3 – Jim Rogers


New Silver Opportunity Endorsed by Silver Mining Legend: Legendary investor Jim Rogers is here with us; his analysis …


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  1. Roham Pasha says:

    Chaos is the Zionists seed
    War is their harvest

  2. Billy Bean says:

    He sounds like a Rich Globalist, How dare you take my Reason for cheap Illegal Alien Labor away. It's not America's responsibility to fix Mexico by sending them all our Factory's.

  3. MORDHI1 says:

    Jim Rogers..he say something & doing something else

  4. Silverino says:

    I don't think I like this guy, no no, I am sure… I don't like this guy.

  5. Silver One seems very overpriced

  6. Wake up with your continued Fear Propaganda and understand the world is changing for all nations to come together. This is the part of the plan. Trade wars are good for all nations to allow the markets to become realistic.

  7. Fairfanx says:

    You do know the difference between "a trade war" and "renegotiating our trade deals" correct?

  8. Jim Rogers…George Soros' butt buddy….how special!

  9. He acts so humble, but meanwhile he probably has all the insider information from Soros.

  10. Well if it isn't George Soros main man!!!!…. I wouldn't trust this dude! Guilty by Association!

  11. Jim Rogers' definition of a US trade war: refusing to subsidize the economic development of HOSTILE third-world nations at the expense of the American Citizenry.

  12. Jdag Dajgd says:

    As the Chinese do not know, we will occupy other countries from the inside and control them. The ultimate goal is world hegemony

  13. Nomad Wizard says:

    LMFAO….If he thinks the mainstream establishment has done a bad job he is delusional.
    'They' have done a good job from 'their' perspective. Things are going exactly as 'they' have planned, and told us all along what 'they' are going to do.

  14. jganun says:

    Somebody tell "Mr. Rodgers" that trade wars usually start before they start. Smoot Hawley is usually blamed as a protectionist trade war starter, but it was a reaction to a world of European Empires where trade could only be conducted with the "mother country". The United States could not trade with India because it belonged to Britain, nor with Indochina because it was French, nor Indonesia, which was Dutch, nor with anyplace in Africa, etc. In our era, Asian nations all follow the successful Japanese model of refusing imports but demanding open markets for their exports: China is now the chief exponent of this policy. Make our laws a mirror of their laws: if they are open we can be open, but if their markets are closed, then shut them out.

  15. Guy Azbell says:

    This guy is already wealthy and he is a moron. As i recall this nation did just fine before we sent all our jobs to foreign countrys, we made good money, life style was better, life was good, now we have nafta, gatt, wto, ect…. And now we find ourselves competing with 50 cents a day wages and we are being over run by mexicans, muslims, afrokans, everyone, wanting to work for the big u.s. Union where if you pay an illegal 20 bucks a day for 16 hours work he knows he has just made a killing.

  16. ardy texn says:


  17. I doubt Oompa Loompa Hitler  has the mental capacity to get much accomplished except admiring his own reflection.

  18. Camillio D says:

    Ask Mr. Rogers about Soros and PizzaGate

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