Trump in Epic Fight Against New World Order Globalists


A thorough explanation of how the New Entire world Get makes use of the CIA to topple regimes around the globe and the globalist plot to depose or ruin President Donald Trump!

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I am your constituent and I am politically lively. No situation is as essential to me appropriate now than preserving our borders from the hazards of unchecked immigration. I am gravely concerned about the small specifications that the Obama administration established for immigration – specially from specified nations in the Middle East and north Africa.

I am composing to strongly encourage you to aid President Donald Trump’s immigration reform endeavours. Remember to know that I, and numerous other of your constitutents, are viewing your actions meticulously in this subject. Respectfully, if you do not choose our fears to heart then each and every exertion will be made to unseat you in the up coming election. This situation is way too essential a subject to let our associates to overlook our just calls for from authorities. Your response will be appreciated.


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  1. Sprite says:

    Everybody watching this please just take a step back to consider some other perspectives as well. The people he's calling libtards are misled by the media just as much as everybody else. They are not the enemy. They are potential friends who probably just happened to hear a different set of lies. So if you want to change their mind, you have to go really deep, and seriously work together to answer the question: of the things we've both heard, how to we know who has heard the lie, and who has heard the truth? What if neither of us heard the truth?


  3. Lia Dean says:

    There will always be a dark side…6….9… you can't have one without the other. six is below, "man" 9 is above "the heavens" together we make 8….eternity! We have been in darkness for way to long, because they didn't want to let go of the "POWER" the GOOD has it now, it will collapse. …the darkness has to bow to the light…they are having a problem with this, because they have had their way for so long!

  4. 2phalanges says:

    everyone knows what to do, the hard part is doing it due to cowards way up in the government.

  5. Iris Faith says:

    Valuabel information, thank you!

  6. I'm from the UK and I'd vote Donald Trump in over here if I could

  7. The guy is like a villain in a James Bond movie.

  8. WhyAmIAmazed says:

    How are the Knights of Malta involved in the C.I.A.? Duh!!! Lol And where is the Vatican Jesuits involved in the Trump cabinet with the Zionism and our friendly Rothschild/Israel? I guess that about covers everything except the Rockerfellas and the CFR. Oh yeah and the Soros and the Bill Gates and the Big pharmaceutics …., that is a lot to cover.

  9. Adam Sahr says:

    This is all superficial and futile talk… Henry Kissinger is a lot worse and meaner and more dangerous than George Soros and he is more powerful than Donald Trump and all the non-Jewish Republicans and Democrats combined !!!

  10. Adam Sahr says:

    The Rothschild Trojan Horse has been there for all to see since the 1880s but America is so high on Zionist weed that it still refuses to recognize being betrayed and stabbed in the back by its best ever friends.

  11. Dena Kerr says:

    No borders helps the new world order, no borders, means ONE WORLD ORDER OUT OF CHAOS.

  12. Ej the anr says:

    we should do some collab work soon great work

  13. Silvya Nunez says:

    Arrest ?soros and his combo of terrorist all them . Let free of the devil go away. ?dump away cia. go away.⚠?? ❗

  14. why arnt they in jail for treason ?

  15. NFOPlanet says:

    Shared, that is important info.

  16. B. Wynn says:

    Most black Americans were here pre- settler and they still treat us like immigrants.  🙁   Total entitlement mentality.  SO sad.

  17. ~ LOVE your CLEAR + ACCURATE statements regarding the FACTS, and your NO BS approach!
    You also have really sharp INSIGHT into WHO the players are, WHAT they are doing, and WHY they do such things.
    AWESOME work!
    I hope that the longer that the widespread CHAOS continues, these very acts will BACKFIRE, = causing a GREATER number of people to WAKE UP to the TRUTH about the NWO Agenda. <3

  18. It starts with the leader of the vampires.

  19. Will Jane says:

    i liked it but America got rich off slave labor, facts not liberal bullshit

  20. doug jackson says:

    By accident I came across you brother just as I am hitting the Rack. WITH a fast forward for now
    what i did get WAS "YES get rid of George ASAP. I WILL share you with my fellow Marines. GOOD job Patriots.

  21. Jay Matthews says:

    I really enjoy your insight and recommendations for research. But please, leave the slavery comments out. Lets just focus on being Americans. There were a few things you said that were offensive. Other than that, I highly value your insight.

  22. I wish all democrats would read the new world order signed in 2010 .But they will be shocked when it happens . Hillary was to start the killing of all Americans by 90 ,

  23. Rosa Garcia says:

    did you read Economic Hit Man ?

  24. Mark Baumann says:

    the puppetmasters Rotschilds Soros etc there puppets Bushes Kling(t)ons oBOMBa MuttiMerkel T.Blairwitch Sargösi etc…and now the Trumpet! His newest actions against IRan just shows which influence the Puppetmasters clan have..puppets must follow there instructions or they will be taken down.
    what the Puppetmasters want is a 'Great staat of Israel' ! so no suprise when the Trumpet talks about his anti Iran plans! Marine le Pen will be the next president of France. Her father a big Nazi fan. herself even worse. the AfD will take over Merkels position. et voila..
    fights from the radical left against the radical right ahead! sooner then later the EU breaks apart! thats what the P.M. want they have total control trough the NATO. they never wanted a strong German(Europe) with Russia realtionship. that would make America weaker!
    Maybe the Trumpet has some good ideas like stronger border control. right so.. look what we got in the EU – CH is the only country that has taken in as much 'refugees' like Muttimerkel told us to take in! its out of control everywhere in the EU! the last direct vote was to have the control back about the massimigration again (which came from the only still credible party called S wiss V olks P arty- a NO 2 EU party but not to compare with AfD or lePens naziclan) – 65% of the CH volk said yes to that. BUT the EUpro goverment didnt like they changed it around to something totaly different! which safes there bilaterale agrements with Muttis EU!
    Even our still so called 'direct democratic vote system in CH is coming to a end soon. because 3/4 of the EU-prostitutes goverment sell it to the (not even by the puplic selected EU- REGENCY! So bye bye neutral CH! byebye freedom in the EU!
    well will c what happens sooner – a 3WW starting over Iran started by the USA and Russia seems to win!
    Even if some left radical or some CIA criminals(when Trump dosent do what his told to do) take Trump down. the Puppetmasters still have a even worse guy to take over M.Pence a P.M. himself!
    somehow or other we r full speed ahead to extinction!

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