Trump Promotes World Peace As Hillary Calls For War


Hillary is continually pushing the world closer to world war 3 as Donald Trump calls her out on her suicidal foreign policy. Help us spread the word about the …


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  1. Didact says:

    Please, no ww3, no ww3, no ww3 D:

  2. Ronald Olson says:

    There's another petition out to disqualify her. The White House is sure to dodge it, but let's try and put pressure on them all the same eh?

  3. okmmauh says:

    From australia. We love you Donald. We got your back

  4. hedwegg says:

    A Fun Jot…"Broward Circuit Court upholds a Plantation Family's "Christmas Celebration"!… The Christmas celebration includes: (1) 200,000 Lights!…(2) a Ferris Wheel!…(3) a "30 Ft. Christmas Tree" completely decorated with added Characters, Santa & his Reindeers for the kids!…Plus a Huge Motion Picture Stage Screen, for all the families & kids, to watch all the Merry-making & Holiday festivities!   Merry Christmas, Everyone!

  5. MMA FIGHTS says:

    its ok if hillary wants to go to war I would happily die for her

  6. Its times like this I'm glad I'm a citizen for a neutral country no ww3 draft for me

  7. Message of fatamia ww3 in 2017 starts with Russia and turkey ! God save us

  8. okmmauh says:

    Drain the swamp

  9. Greed and the immoral character of those who have to much is the problem of the world. No morals and no god.


  11. Trump for peace is like stupid for smart. Yes, Hillary sux too.

  12. Jeff Mad says:

    America needs trump not war so make your america great again vote for TRUMP.

  13. Jeff Mad says:

    Hillary is the most corrupt person to ever run for president.,,,,
    Don,t say that it makes her just right for the job.

  14. Imagine Wikileaks on the rest of the world after Trumps win??? exciting for me terrifying for them the nwo that is.

  15. Drain the swamp Commander in Chief – time to bring the nwo end game to them…

  16. We the patriots of the United States need to KILL the elite new world order globalists. I don't care if your religious or not, the only way to take back our country is to bear our arms and fight the police state will call a "free country." If you think we will win with peace then you are dead WRONG. I am 17 and I understand that this is an evil murderous world that only cares about money and suffering of others. Obama and Hillary wants gun control,  Hitler wanted gun control and look what happened to those people. They were all exterminated and this will happen to us, the U.S. citizens if we do not all band together and kill they evil scum of the world.

  17. Murdering murderers isn't a sin people.

  18. Adolf Hitler says:

    (((they))) want ww3 and will steal the election from trump.

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