Truth About Illuminati Documentary – Luciferian Conspiracy 9/13


The remake of the original ” Conspiritus – The Satanic Illuminati Conspiracy ” – Everyone is recommended to use this version instead of the old one , this . ..


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  1. tfcdesigns says:

    The text is too hard to read.

  2. Where is your god? Your demons? Ganon is upon you!

  3. Ourer people r asleep…there has to b a way to start a way to make them see…..addiction holds us…fucking no one cares any more an thats the way the govermment wants it…for there to be no uprise. God not ur fucking falling star is the only way….hes giving us faith and a voice. Use it in ur community about ourer govern leaders…ill never stop..this is just my beginning!….thank u lord…jesus

  4. Plz id love some feed back or a way to network about this and the 2012 doomsday…my email is [email protected]

  5. Cam Hammer says:

    @beautifullytoxic777 It starts with cleaning up your filthy language.. There is a reason why they call it 'curse' words.. Don't curse yourself to damnation on hell.. Those words will draw you there… I love to see you have faith.. God bless u

  6. MegaRaffee says:

    i thought this was about people controlling the world.. now its about the bushs being aliens?

  7. @MegaRaffee There both, they controll everything

  8. we need to realize that science and religon have to develope a harmonious relationship to advance to the next level of the human condition. maybe god and the devil were aliens or interdimentional beings. regardless if the devil exists soes does god maybe just not in the way we had imagined

  9. ThwockFace says:

    I think the best, most believable thing is ancient astronaut theory. They could've been just like us at one point, but progressed so much faster that by then, they had the ability to travel through space. Makes more sense than perfect angels in robes that will make you suffer for not believing in them, having said that they are perfect.

  10. kuhrd says:

    Wow, take some really poor quality footage and cut it together with a mess of conspiracy theory BS. The Washington Monument is 6665 and 1/8 inches high. The roads are not laid out in the form of a pentagram any more so than any other geometrical shape applied to the roads of practically any city in the world. The images on the Euro coinage have little to nothing to do with the UN or 666. If RFID is implemented it will most likely be distributed in ID cards for the vast majority of people.

  11. You do know that the so called 'aliens' are actually demons right ?

  12. Has anyone else noticed that everytime someone tries to prove someone is a reptilian with slanted pupils….they always BLUR up and then zooooom in? Why the fuck do they blur up the picture? That just makes me believe less that its real. I know….show me a reptilian close-up and keep the motherfucker in FOCUS!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oscar Mikael says:

    bush's eye color change doesnt prove shit. my friend's eyes change color all the time. and you cant have a black eye color, its just really dark brown.

  14. Arjuna Gihan says:

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  15. This is a great video – very informative. More videos like this will help expose the illuminati for what it is.

  16. matt flores says:

    Look – Laura Bush a reptile demon? Now people won't take these videos seriously as they should be.

  17. Creepy,scary but true.God of Hosts will look after them when the time comes…

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