Truth Behind Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Dajjal Arrival (Urdu / Hindi)



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  1. it is possible the dajjal can be situated in one of those islands, protected by the zionists until his time to appear

  2. liney118 says:

    nice 4million + people sat and watched this low res crap :(

  3. Nyla Vox says:

    I am only here because that thumbnail looks like a cow floating in water with it's tongue out. I was like O_o click

  4. Faraz Gill says:

    Yeah Molvie Koi Bewokoof Haiii … Apni Farzii Kahaniyya Banatay Rehtay Hain Salay Jannat Ki Hooron Ka Tassawar Kar K Khush Hotay Rehtay Hain …. Assal Main Dajjal Wo Magribi Qaom Hai Jiski Emaan Ki Ankh Andhi Hai Aur Duniya Ki Ankh Teez Hoogi , Aur Abb Wohi Loog Barmuda Triangle K Andar B Chalay Gaye… Jhootay Molvie Salay Khiyaali palaoo Pkatay Rehtay hain

  5. Xman John says:

    I'm never going on a plane or boat ever again ?!

  6. viv237685 says:

    was the Bermuda triangle even active during the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the America's this is serious question no one would be willing to answer.

  7. Barb Heinkel says:

    This is kinda dumb…

  8. bhawani lal says:

    by my experience"that we know there is a magnetic field (super) in earth and the layars of mud are posed on itso we feel normal magnetic field gravity i hape there is nothing like layars of mud so it is empty there and super megnetic field is exist

  9. It seems as if Allah is an undercover DON and Muhammad is his right hand manager who try to caste terror in the heart of those who refuse to obey his commands. There is nothing divine in Islam – I only see terror preaching and inhuman activities in this cult. I believe that this is a Satanic cult of zombies.

  10. if no one comes out then how did they captured the video?

  11. Arif Jah says:

    dajjal may appear from kahira,but not bermuda

  12. Arif Jah says:

    dajjal may appear from kahira,but not bermuda

  13. Arif Jah says:

    dajjal may appear from kahira,but not bermuda,commentator is a fool

  14. Aasma Saeed says:

    bad ul latif kserey

  15. Saif Rehman says:

    bermudu triangle is nothing infront of allah

  16. quran is the best option

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