TRUTH ‘ Scary About television ( TV documentary Exposed : the mental control of the television illuminated )


make no mistake ! I Will Not Compromise . I Will not comply . I Will Not Send . I Will not break . I Will Not Roll Over . I Will Not Sit Down . I Will Not Shut Up .


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  1. Tigger8041 says:

    Someone tell me the name of the pastor pleading in this movie that asks, "Who told you?"

  2. WHATS ALL THIS jESUS BUSINESS? WHY NOT ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO READ A BOOK? And turn your damn tvs off. I am going on three years with my tv off. There is more unbelievable waves of cosmic darkness that makes subliminal messaging look like child's play. Unseen energy forces beyond your regular mind capacities streaming out of your electric entity magic box called a TV. Has nothing to do with the Christ. NOTHING

  3. no god saved my bloodline. Atilla and the huns did..

  4. Steve S says:

    The govt brainwashes you with tv, tracks and spies on you with cell phones, and fills the internet with misinformation, shills, and trolls to deceive you and keep you from rebelling. Yet, knowing this, what do you ALL do…continue to watch tv, carry a cell phone at all times instead of using landlines( I see joggers carrying phones….really people???), and do everything possible on your computer. I wonder why everyone acts so surprised when car insurance is forced on you, obamacare is forced on you, the CIA backs and funds terrorist groups, the military runs extensive drills on US streets, the govt conducts endless covert false flag drills with no public repercussions or outrage (just a few videos to rub it in your face about how overtly they fucked you over) and all your media is CIA owned and controlled… yet you watch anyway. Turn off your electronics! The only way to beat sophisticated technology is to master the basics. But you like that new CHIP credit card that just went into effect, dont ya?? Cant carry cash and feel you have to have a credit card, dont ya? Cant survive with only a phone in your house? or a phone without internet, apps, games, and programming? Does a family of 6 need 6 phones???( it does if 6 people are being tracked and monitored) Ever wonder why every phone has a camera and microphone? Brainwashed already and you dont even see it….you will never beat the controllers by doing what they want you to do! The govt can not run their games without everyone tuning in to them…shut off all electronics, get back to basics, and take your country back or lose it forever. The govt leads the way and idiots continue to follow….enjoy that world series and some more propaganda!… and dont forget to tune in to anderson copper for the highlights of the same game you just watched. (tidbit of info, to bankrupt a company dont buy the products…do you understand???) You will never beat the controllers at their own game or in a fight, but if everyone turns off the electronics and quit listening to politicians, quit watch tv, quit going to movies, dont read newpapers or magazines..try a good book instead, dont use credit cards, use landlines, stop buying products from large multinational corporations(learn to go without until smaller business step in to fill the void!) and stop voting in rigged elections for career politicians who have done nothing but destroy YOUR country…you might have a small chance. Winning a battle only leads to another battle.Killing their leader just means a promotion for those below him…it will never work. When you stop their flow of money, information, and communication… you stop them, understand?

  5. The television control freaks wish that they could  control everyone and brainwash everyone into doing what they wanted them to, and into buying their products. But it is false to believe that these advertisers can mind control everyone to watch their programs and to buy their products. They don't have that much ability to work mind control on everyone, if  all it took was to put a few mind control commercials and Tv programs  on and get everyone mind controlled, then why does it takes the FBI and their brainwashing programs years to brainwash people like celebrities and politicians, when they could just let them watch a few television programs and commercials. Not everyone's mind can be controlled this way, it is just not that simple. The programs do influence people, and do subliminally make suggestions to us, but it is still up to us if we want to follow that suggestions, you would have to be totally mind controlled to go out and buy a mc Donalds hamburger, just because you were told to, by the commercials. Your taste and desire for a Mcdonalds  hamburger would also have to coincide with the suggestion, this would only work for a weak minded person, who is easily suggestable. And not everyone is that weak minded.

  6. I am and have been totally disgusted with the programs that they put on tv everything on it is totally mindless, I really got feed up with it when they started putting on the reality shows. Starting with one of the first reality shows, Fear Factor, this was one of the most sickerings shows that was on tv, and I never watched it because it was stomach turning, and just Retarded. And tv has only gotten worst, so I just have basic cable and basic internet which only cost me 55 dollars a month. I mostly watch movies on the internet and web surf I only watch the news and a few movies and programs like Adult swim, but I will stop watching that because it have become so nasty and filthty I can barely stand to watch it. When ever a commercial comes on, I always turn down the volume and ignore it and I have done this for years.

  7. sky diver says:

    I am stuggling with watching tv and movies….I have watched movies and TV every since I was really little, I mean hours and hours everyday and I am 33 now! Please pray that I can break this strong hold and know how to handle the truth that I have been blinded to for so long of this world and the Devil's influence on almost everything. I have watched so many youtube videos on the Truth that it has opened my eyes very wide to where it is even hard to go on in this world with how it is and trying to function in it. No one seems real genuine anymore and every one seems so disconnected with all the technology and it is so lonely. I am a Christian but have still not found a local church to go to regularly yet. My small family of my mom, grandma, and my son is all i really have and at work it is just work and not a lot of time to really talk and none are Christian so its hard to fellowship and I have no true friends. Sorry I never do this and dont really know why I typed this but I guess I just feel so alone and lonely and hate living like this. Please pray and thank you for the prayers

  8. John Doe says:

    The truth listen and watch then judge but first listen GOD only 1

  9. Kara Potts says:

    Wow awesome video!! That's talent and solid truth! Thank you

  10. The Noid says:

    so you tell people that every achievement mankind has achieved is a sin, you tell people that watching television is somewhat a sin but you took the time to watch all that content and then you took the time to edit that content and put it together as this video with a sin made program on a sin made computer then uploaded it to a world sin network channel (YOUTUBE) but I bet it was ok for you to do this because you are spreading the word right, oh wait you are getting paid too just like good ol pastor at the church who dresses in fine clothes and drives a new Cadillac or Lexus right while the rest of the pack is poor right, oh then by all do respects omg you must not be a sinner sir and shame on you if you delete my post, yeez what people do for money and a few youtube followers. NO THANKS

  11. FizzPunk says:

    this should be broadcasted on global national tv and through the corrupted MSM, than the braindead sheeple will be in utter Shock and might WAKE UP??!! Excellent Works!! Thanks xx

  12. Television is the drug of the nation

  13. lovelycars1 says:

    at 7:29 I didn't c a Damn thing.

  14. I have always found acting to be an unnatural form of art or work. why would you want to be another person? Or even adopt how another person or character and act them out? To it always seemed like lying to ones self. I dont know, thats my weird thinking.

  15. Vinnie Paz says:

    I dont watch movies anymore ..I de-code them

  16. 16:08 – 17:27 Peter Finch"s recite from the movie Network. Peter Finch died right after this movie was made.

  17. fred wright says:

    Society has had its chance its time we wake up and know the TRUTH !!!!!

  18. Jesus died for me.

    Its apparent that you have as much of an agenda as the programmers you slate.
    Yes, television is a sick mind degenerating tool. We have all been exposed to it at some point in our lives. Therefore. Jesus is our only salvation. No.

    We're all in this together, regardless of whether or not I feel my actions will have consequences after my body expires.
    Besides from the self righteous moral compass, excellent video. God bless you. Hail Satan.

  19. Who are all the speakers please I think one of them is ravenhill yes?

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