Tuesday qna 1/25/2017 aliens ufo and shoutouts


My weekly qna


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  1. joes joey says:

    this is serious question please ! are you schizophrenic?

  2. DSW Predator says:

    Never shout me out ?

  3. b white says:

    dude watched the film fire in the sky tonight again for the first time in ages n just noticed the guy travis walton came from a place called "snowflake" lol had to share hope your cool bb

  4. bro please help me out with my channel I'm only at 675 subs and I upload daily please bro a shout out can help me out a lot please bro keep up the good work and love the videos

  5. Jay Garcia says:

    Thanks for answering my question when i had text you man. it was about the meet and greet… losy some brownie points bro
    you mentioned that you would bring it up in a QnA

  6. BG Minors says:

    Can I get a shoutout

  7. benny3six1 says:

    ok uh..soo anyways…black bastard…where is the fucking proof ..u were even near rosswell

  8. Rekless 891 says:

    I love these qna's

  9. Im glad hes not dead :)

  10. Andy Hall says:

    can you give me a shout out

  11. DsZyR _ says:

    Are u still running from the government?

  12. DsZyR _ says:

    Just earned urself a new sub!

  13. Bro, you pretty chill

  14. If you want to find out where I heard it from search up on YouTube (Ailien Binary Message)

  15. I heard that Aliens don't have organs like we do I heard they have silicon

  16. Ed T10 says:

    Fuck Donald trump

  17. eL BangBang says:

    LosPollosTV welching tubby attic dweller ass brought me here :)

  18. DB74 says:

    Hey Black Biggot… I've decided if you were a super hero your name would be 'Wonder Black' because every fucker will be wondering 'is he black?'

  19. Black Biggot,lol, Chuffed_ pleased as punch…..flat- apartment.x

  20. Here we go again, Mary Tyler Moore just passed away at 80.

  21. Horus Sungod says:

    You don't know anything my friend I think you are confused . Why don't you put your informant online with you , life is merely an illusion all you would be doing is helping humanity It would make you a great help to the world .

  22. Horus Sungod says:

    What are you talking about ?

  23. New job…Irish impersonator!

  24. My mans why you always in your car switch it up outside ?? keep it up 20k soon come!

  25. Mr. Shadow says:

    This dude funny af.

  26. You should totally go for an RV. If something were to ever happen that you couldn't see coming then you would need to have a home to go.

  27. Hey Biggot….how doin mate? Its 1am and you woke me up dude – and I STILL didnt get here first!! Faaaaark! OK mate, well back to catch some zzz's, but ya Q 'n A was fun and entertaining as per usual. Check ya lata bro. Havva good one!

  28. Gavin Smith says:

    your funny asf lmao

  29. JBwrath says:

    it's a tranny dude lmao

  30. UNIT6639 says:

    Lol blik Biggot

  31. JBwrath says:

    I thought the first one was a little boy

  32. Thomas C says:

    On the road to 1 million ??

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