Tupac exposing the truth about the illuminati ILLUMINATI KILLED 2PAC



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  1. Every body need to watch and o something don't let him die in vain

  2. America, where every celebrity/artist that dies was the cause of the illuminati.

  3. Mary Dodson says:

    Tupac was murdered. Biggie was murdered. They were not "sacrificed." All this illuminati nonsense is just that: nonsense. Tupac was murdered by the person he trusted most (sk) and so was Biggie (pd). I am a Tupac "disciple" (fan) but not Biggie. Tupac was a poet and philosopher–the TRUTH. This illuminatii nonsense was created to sell records to a mindless youth who seek fantasy rather than face reality. Use your BRAIN!

  4. Lincoln Clay says:

    Rip tupac shakur

  5. yet you owned 40 thousand dollar watch Rolex yet people hungry starving homeless 2pac you greatest rapper ever but that was stupid if you earned your money that's all yours you worked hard af for it you blown it how you want like you do on watches cars chainz ect

  6. General Impa says:

    Tupac will forever and always be the true king of rap. He was the only one brave enough to speak up about these elite bitches. Don't fall asleep ya'll, peep the game that's being ran, take a good look at you're so called history because it has been manipulated and changed in those school text books by the elite. Real talk. Tupac was telling the truth about everything. Wake up folks and wake up fast. The real truth is out there.

  7. nick price says:

    the world is a better place without tupac

  8. Nicole D says:

    bless his soul. May he rest in peace x

  9. Jakar Brown says:

    Nas spoke the truth as well….


  11. John Price says:

    god damn bruh, that first part hit hard

  12. Fazal Abbas says:

    he was a kind man.

  13. Something wrong with our generation niggaz wouldn't get him we wanna hear murder murder kill kill and dats all we do

  14. the realist guy that became famous

  15. Listen to the words in the song. That tells how they really feel…wake up to this music industry. THEY NOT REAL & that's %100

  16. Ben vin says:

    "Nobody should be hittin' the lotto for 30 million dollars and they got people starving in the streets ". Serious Food For Thought…

  17. him,Kendrick Lamar,nas,biggie are probably the most intelligent rappers of all times.

  18. Tupac's telling the truth of how American justice works. They can lock you up for anything.

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