TX Cop Coaxes Friendly Dog In Order to Kill Him

Amanda Warren

Maybe by now you have seen a disturbing video of an unidentified Texas cop that made coaxing, kissing noises to a few friendly dogs after getting a report of some loose canines. Then, opening fire, shooting one three times and killing it. It happened in August, but the Cleburne Police Department recently released footage, apparently from an officer body camera.

TX Cop Coaxes Friendly Dog In Order to Kill Him

I post things like this not to go along with the tide of Americans “getting used to it” or encourage feelings of terror, but to show the true nature of police who indiscriminately shoot and kill dogs. Why do they do it? It goes beyond just “because they can.”

One thing’s for certain, it is not the fault of the pet owners which can easily be determined from watching. That’s a faulty, repeated narrative that will hopefully exit soon.

From My Fox Philly News:

The dog named Maximus appears to be wagging his tail in the video before he’s shot. According to the officer, the dog took an aggressive posture and growled before he shot the dog three times, killing him.

 As you can see, that’s another lie. A lie oft repeated in similar shootings.

Interestingly, you can see two versions of another lie put out by the department offering the “reasoning” behind the shooting. One from My Fox Philly and one from Daily Mail. Neither makes sense and neither helps calm the nerves of nearby residents. Also notable, Daily Mail reports that the dog owner and the original 911 caller have moved out of the neighborhood. The officer is now under “investigation.”

Police State USA also has a report on the situation, quoting the officer report where his justification for the shooting is offered. Scary thing? Officers who do this convince themselves of the reasoning and truly believe they are justified in blasting animals away.

See Justice 4 Maximus Facebook page for updates, protest planned.

Have you ever gone back to find footage only to see it is removed or that the audio is stripped? That seems to be happening a lot lately, so one hopes that the embedded video above maintains the audio as the true nature of the shooting isn’t fully evident without the audio.

A YouTube video I had open for this article now displays the following, but Police State USA still has theirs up:

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