U.S. Army Chief Threatens War With Russia


Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley warned last night that the United States was ready to “destroy” its enemies in comments that were clearly directed at Russia.


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  1. Alex Hudson says:

    If I were the secretary of state I'd politely ask him to sit down and talk to everyone in the room on how to resolve these issues and bring peace and friendship among all these nations. He only speaks of hate. If I was part of a leadership council to American leaders I would explain, that deep down, the hearts of the American people want peace. We are politically "immature" as a nation still. We need to resolve the Syrian, Russian, North Korean ect.. "Conflicts" with our minds, not arms. We NEED to get Americans educated on global issues from differant nation's perspectives. Instead we choose arrogance, hate, fear. I dream the young minds unite in global peace for prosperity across the globe.

  2. Ryley W says:

    are you insane? such a bad idea to go to war, there is no real reason to just go to war……. why would both sides be so up in arms about stuff. if you just stopped and focused on the real threats aka terrorists etc and got along it would be better off. we are all living on this planet together…. the real problem is the so called power leaders get, and feel they are better then one other and full of pride… what you should have pride in is the fact that your country is part of many countries aka the world, how I see it is leaders using their army of innocent men and women to fight out their differences, when in the end it will prove nothing, nothing but loss of lives and family members, dad's, moms, uncles brothers sisters etc. what's the point of it, if you have problems with another country war isn't the best answer it will only make matters worse, mass destruction and loss of lives of innocent people who just try to live their daily lives, and who have their own personal problems to deal with. I don"t know why Russia (mainly the leader) and the US feel they have to be the top, that's the biggest issue right there, and it needs to stop. I don"t know what goes through their heads but all I know is that they are messed up.

  3. i wonder why americans are scared .

  4. axaxaxaxaxaxax usa threaten russia for war?

  5. america. want to control asia. .. we are not a puppit ashole

    pinoy ako!!

  6. RUSIA maybe have nuclear weapon grad de 1kt nuclear power and 2kt………..RUSIA has development arsenal nuclear weapon

  7. Paul Kiss says:

    Glad there're sane thinking people in the US who don't take enemies for friends. As long as there're such people in the US army, the US lives

  8. hors dagd says:

    i hate how america thinks it is the only one who can do anything. no ones policing them, only i can have nukes

  9. so this is going to be like Ghost vs the Federation.

  10. Olafs Drake says:

    Great speech !!

  11. Dark Hero says:

    retarded moron. 2-3 Russian rocket RS-28 will be able to wipe America off the map. your army will not help you…

  12. Hop Lam says:

    How you fight a war without money.

  13. My YT Cloud says:

    Is he serious? A thermonuclear with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea? Why don't we just stay home and protect our country and… stay out of foreign wars. Why do we need to be on all wars? We have killed over than 20 million people in 37 different countries since the end of World War II. Isn’t that enough? Now what we wanna do? A suicide war against thermonuclear countries?

  14. This is ridiculous, all talkm an x US military guy., a veteran. Afghanistan, Iraq, allover.  Iv worked with many countries training.  He knows it would be a bad decision. I guarantee it.  Us military mostly  will do all they can to avoid a war with Russia over that.  A certain neocon group in us govt that is losing power quickly is complaining like scum about Russia and are the real warmongers.  Neocons are the biggest scum.  You can see he is overwhelmed and uneasy about it.  Its all talk.  General knows its not a good idea.  US cannot afford, its a wreckless thing and It serves no purpose between the 2 super powers.  its  always a love hate relationship a lot of times with US and Russia.  Don't worry soon many US generals will be threatening the people who have been driving USA into disastrous pointless endless wars.  the scum hurt everyone, their own, and themselves and soon US generals will be threatening them for treason, crimes, war crimes, and for destroying America.  He should be saying it to the corrupt establishment in US,  and to the illegal aliens and Islamic extremists, and collaborators of the neocon cults.  US military should have been on the Mexican border, and had a bigger presence in the south china sea.

  15. I do not think Russia or China have dreams of conquest. After Stalin things settled down in the USSR. Of cause there was still no freedom of speech or press but those Soviet leaders who followed Stalin where nowhere near as bad as him. I do not think the USSR or the Russian Federation ever had dreams of world domination. I served in the Territorial Army back in the 1980s (British National Guard). I volunteered, the reason being was I wanted to defend my country against the Communists. Looking back on it though I now realise that the Soviet Union was never a threat and we were all fed anti-Soviet propaganda just as much as the people of the Soviet Union were fed anti-western propaganda. I actually visited the USSR in the summer of 1991, the country fell apart in the winter of that year. I found the people friendly and hospitable, no different from people anywhere. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union I have been to the Russian Federation three times, visiting Moscow, Kazan, Nishy-Novgorod, Astrachan and Volgograd (Formally Stalingrad) and ever time I was met with friendliness and hospitality. I actually like Russia and its people, though I admit it is not a country I would want to settle in.

  16. David Earley says:

    there is evil people all over the united states doing bad things to people. please help this be knowledge to everyone. please spread the word. I think people are burning pills and any kind of medicine to hurt people. if you feel like doing it please understand these ugly souled people are controlling you if you understand mental capabilities. they are trying to grow there hurt of what they have been doing to their selves their whole life. I think people are trying there hardest so please help this get out to the right people. you can die by getting affumagated from burning medications. it will deform your body make your bones grow uneven and the ones doing this are the only ones that deserve to be done this way. people stop, the government might even kill us all by starting a world war. and I believe its going to happen and what bothers me is that the ugly souled people that's doing it is feeling this way because they want to kill everyone and they don't even care about themselves. I want to hurt all the people that are being so evil to the world.

  17. war freak americans. enough of your propaganda. the world is not blind anymore. you are the ones who are waging war all over the world. the world is so much better off and peaceful without you.

  18. rye galuz says:

    when i think of war i think that there is going to be earthquake for several years…expect nothing less than death

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