U.S. General: October Surprise Is WW3 With Russia!


All eyes are on Syria as the globalists, fearing a populist uprising, are pushing the narrative of World War 3 on humanity. Mounting tensions with possible …


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  1. Arana willy says:

    this general is full of shit..dum ass old man wee haven't won a war since never cause wee have jak asses generals like this clound Vietnam they won persian golf war they won Iraq they won Afghanistan they won soo showme a ny win we have stupid general full of shit.. hahaha makes me lol.. dum ass.

  2. Arana willy says:

    china can send a 500 thousand drones fullnof nukes u think wee stand a change the west coats will be wipe out u crapy General..i wish i can have a talk with him about his strategies ..

  3. Terry Moore says:

    This must be one of Obama's hand picked communist Generals, I can say for certain that the gutted military we have left will not be by his side for long, he says this will be like world war two, he is nuts, nukes are everywhere these days..Lord help us we have madmen running our country.

  4. General mark milley sounds like that idiot Donald duck!I mean trump, fuck you mark milley Russia will blow you up and make you like it if if you survive.

  5. IRISH SAM says:

    |At 05:18 as soon as u see that Lil fat idiot on a vid its 100% BULLSHIT .

  6. James Steel says:

    I hope Jesus comes back for real #jesus

  7. Testosterone fuelled fuckwit…

  8. Calm down people, it's just more fear porn like always.

  9. The U.S. will lose? Hitler thought that we were incompetent. Saddem Hussein thought he could win. Japan thought they could win by devine destiny. The list goes on and on and on …. You get my drift? Don't be too sure of yourself that Russia will win because that remains to be seen. Do you think we let everyone know our true capabilities, advanced technology and scientific warfare? This country is a war machine when and if it has to be. My money is on the U.S. and I only bet on sure things because I don't bet on losers.

  10. why war people are happy

  11. again, there will be wars and rumors of wars but the time is not yet. I think it's all bullshit so when ISREAL stands up because she's had enough, we will be the Allie we've promised to be. us against them. then the mighty Lord steps in like it says in the Bible, and the tables are turned…

  12. if we don't fuck with Russia they don't fuck with us, we need a treaty

  13. Atom says:

    I – A Citizen Of Kazakhstan ! It is a country of the former Soviet Union . Russia is our close friend and ally. And tell your media deceive you was not in Russia's military exercises in the number of 40 million people , it's all nonsense , put Russia in front of all the bad and accused of all mortal sins ! Russia wants peace with the United States Putin has repeatedly talked about this everywhere, and always talking about it ! Only your media not want to show it !

  14. What is wrong with you christians wanting war with Russia? We have been at peace with Russia since the fall of the USSR, but our real enemies are North Korea and Iran, not Russia. Regardless of your biblical prophecies, we have been at peace with Russia for more than two decades now. Our real threat is North Korea and Iran.

  15. NoMoreWar OO says:

    Vote for Killary and we all gonna die keep that in mind !!

  16. I think we're all focused on who's going to win, or who has better military power. I think the real debate should be about who'll be left after all of this goes down.

  17. Tim Wild says:

    The white house and capitol hill are nothing more then dead men's bones in whitewashed tombs…………alive to death , dead to life …………..Vote TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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