United States have killed 80 plus from the Syrian Army … What will Russia’s response be ??? WORLD WAR 3 ALERT !!! SHARE JOIN NWO FREEDOM …


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  1. Kong Fuzi says:

    I don't know if its ww3 but cool shirt dude. Cats down under the staaaaars! Love jgb.

  2. Troy Stengel says:

    In my chosen timeline, this is a tragic, albeit, last ditch futile attempt by the minions of the cabal.

  3. WW3 is inevitable. The U.S. is testing Russia with this attack. Russia will react because of not, it will be doomed. Gog ans Magog is unfolding in front of our eyes and thanks God we have the chosen people, the Jews, to save humanity.

  4. This could get ugly.

  5. Stains2012 says:

    Wow your as stupid as you look….

  6. Bek Baev says:

    How can our Pilot knowing bomb Russian supported Government troop. Do US PILOTS have any clue what going on???? This is madening. This is terrible That after the US strike, ISIS began an offensive.

  7. Bek Baev says:

    I would enforce No Fly Zone if I was Putin

  8. Vlook says:

    who fucking care for killed 80 plus from the Syrian Army

  9. Sam Holden says:

    Will have to find a bf pretty soon then lol if we not gonna be here long.

  10. alex y. says:

    The attack Syrian army .

  11. This guy is full of shit

  12. These prophecies must come to pass it has been written over thousands of years ago the most highs word doesnt come back void

  13. this is big and it can be the start of ww3 and you better believe that everyone's finger is on the trigger wars have started with less and this is not the first time that one of our "mistakes" has helped Isis.

  14. Mohamad Zind says:

    First of all, do you have any proof that 80 got killed. This number is ridiculously high and it comes from Assad regime and Russians media, which only idiots believes in. The report from the ground is it was only 3 dead and about 7 injured. Secondly what ww3 are you dumb ass speaking off. Russia is way too weak for such a war. Take a look at thier oconomy, in the last couple of years thier reserve went from 70 billions to just 30 billions.

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