U.S NATO New World Order vs Eurasian World Order


In this movie Luke Rudkowski can make a critically significant report about the creation of a international Eurasian globe purchase that will straight contend with U.S hegemony and the petro greenback. We element U.S overseas policy in the course of the a long time that has been motivated on retaining the petrodollar in the international markets. Now China, Russia and Iran are producing identical moves against the petrodollar which will have devastating benefits. We can only deliver this news to you since of you and your investment decision in us, even $one a month signifies the globe to us on https://www.patreon.com/WeAreChange?ty=h




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35 Responses

  1. Tahir Rana says:

    Isis are Jews that have been left to rot in Allepo!!

  2. Muammar Gaddafi was also sodomized with a sword. That just tells you how evil and wicked the Rothschild-Rockerfella Khazarian Zionist Luciferian's synagogue of Satan is. They are at war against the whole world for Global Domination. They want everybody to either convert to a Luciferian religion or face a cruel death like Colonel Gaddafi.

    They refer to us as Goy and Goyim, which means unclean, they refer to us as cattle, animal excrement, and beasts. They grant themselves the moral right to enslave us, kill us and treat our women as pieces of meat.
    They rule our entire world media, people, and they think we are beasts, throw porn and other perverted and depraved movies, ads, books, games at us. They seek to destroy our race, our genetics, they seek to defile our women and children and brainwash citizens of every nation into believing their multicultural utopia.
    They are the nazi's, they are the racists, the supremacists, and the hatemongers. And we follow them like slaves! Think reasonable and rational, defend your race and your people, defend your white genetics and heritage. And acknowledge the racism on which the state of Israel has build.

  3. Symon Hei says:

    War is coming, Prepare. It would be tough for a samurai. Damn I am too bad with guns.

  4. Sissy says:

    what's going on in Israel

  5. nazra7 says:

    Looks like Putin is trying to get Europe into this Eurasian Union too now that the EU is collapsing. They have a video for the Eurasian Socialist Union's national anthem. Its scary shit! People I know you like Putin but trust me, history will repeat itself! Putin is already a dictator of Russia, now he wants to rule the entire eastern side of the earth!

  6. Much insecurity and paranoia. Hellooooo internet!

  7. kfja1111 says:

    Would you bet your life that all these guys are not on the same side. There may not be any opponents at the elite level.

  8. Ole Fella says:

    In my humble opinion, Russia & USA are nothing but two great thieves! Russian-occupied vast Siberia/Far-East in Asia Pacific region belongs to people of Asian Pacific, and needed to be returned to them accordingly. For USA its about time to return to rightful owners Native Americans people that suffer for so much so long, period.

  9. pakis kill indian kill left overs kill whites kill blacks kill arabs kill jews

  10. richest man is the one who has no need for money

  11. FUCK US!!! FUCK NATO!!!

  12. Jozef Stalin says:

    let the eastern power rise from the chains of the west

  13. browser067 says:

    Ppl really need to understand how the financial banking system works. The strength of the dollar has nothing to do with oil. Oil is just a resource to enrich the elite bankers. Going back to how currency and money works is that, there would be no interest, taxation, inflation if the currency was created by its own government debt free. Because it is not and it is created out of nothing from the reserve banks which have nothing to do with governments except create money from thin air for them at interest as they are a private entity that has done nothing but enslave humanity. They control all facets of currency, whether its the value, by circulation, interest rates or stock markets. To increase the value of the dollar they simply need to put more money into circulation and to deflate it they just take the currency out of circulation. It is that simple. It has been done many times b4 particularly when the U.S. governments founding fathers were at ends with the biggest scam in human history. And that is the private Israeli state owned banking system and all its affiliates controlling the flow and distribution of money. They can crash or boost the stockmarket any time they want. They control every facet of the global economy. They control all facets of media and governments. They do as they wish pretty much. Governments only serve them, thats it, because they have sold every decent human out by enslaving them to this system. I still cant understand how ppl cannot see the evil tyrany governments and the private banking sector are creating, by stealing off everyone in every way and not only that, they are stealing everyones countries resources, prosperity and land that the working class spend their lives working for. Yet ppl vote, pay taxes and interest to these low lifes, that have no interest, honor or integrity in serving its own citizens. This is a fact. They simply dont give a rats about anyone except paying their debts back to the private banks in which the taxpayer is funding to enrich the select few elite parasites, on a system that is basically this. The value of money is debt. Everyone will be in perpetual debt as long as this system is erased. Until then, all future governments will just be another spin doctor, feeding the same garbage, but in different ways.

  14. Nyaahful says:

    Gaddafi was murdered.

  15. Sang Tran says:

    I hope they crush the usa

  16. For a moment let's assume that all the so called facts, stated in this video, are correct. If China, Russia and Iran indeed conspire a coalition to overthrow Western hegemony, any westerner, condemning preventative U.S. actions or cheering for Eurasian success should be considered a traitor. A witless traitor, because unlike in the cold war era, when USSR was somewhat appealing to the working class for a promise of a communist utopia, Russia and China of today do not posess any merit in political or humanitarian ideology, standard of living, science or culture, that would be desirable to any sane man.

  17. America say's you break a country & it is your

  18. spiderlime says:

    i'm not the least surprised to find out about a non-western power scheme such as this. however, it's also possible that at the end of the day both new world orders will collaborate in the enslavement of the entire humn race. there was a time when japan collaborated with hitler.

  19. people who hate trump, hate america. 🙂 Mexico-the corrupt and hypocritical shit hole country run by drugs and violence giving Trump political advice on ethics? LOL

  20. good it should happened long time ago,,,

  21. Lin Sandoval says:

    no nwo get your heads out of your asses Get your money out of the banks can't you see anything they caused this shit because they want control of your money and of life this is complete bullshit.Are you people gonna allow this well then bring on the war but make sure you take your money out of their claws black claws.Because people with fast pace people better pay attention they will take any money they can get and you sheep are letting it happen.

  22. Luibimer says:

    Nato is going to be scared trust me usa and nato are so scared they will surrender in 2 minutes.

  23. Ibn Muhammad says:

    Gold backed money!!

  24. war is good for the country?

  25. Zaur525 says:

    Iran is far from being super power!

  26. Iran Mithra says:

    love Iran ? ?

    Mithraism ?

  27. So, you mean to say BRICS will take over the Global currency?

  28. DOS UNO says:

    Resource Based Economy !


  30. Shumon Alom says:

    fall of the empires is near, get the popcorn out wiggaz!!

  31. turkey is isis.turkey should be in terrorist list

  32. l love these turncoats. You should come pay a visit round the back at my barracks… l show what l do to turncoats boy…

  33. Henry Kissing is actually close friend with Putin, and just went to meet him about the latest Syria situation. They all work for the New World Order and this is just a political theater they all play. Fear mongering is what your all about in this video.

  34. kiwi says:

    no wonder the world's turning against the UNITED STATES OF GIMME GIMME GIMME…

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