U.S. – Rivalry between Political and Military Elites


By Zaheerul Hassan

American Generals have the intentions of overthrowing Obama before U.S. elections, reliable Americans and Westerns sources disclosed in Washington on the promise of anonymity to the representative of Kremlin news agency. The report reveals that serious differences have been noticed between Pentagon, Whitehouse and CIA over Obama’s economic policies, exit strategy of Afghanistan, Iranian nuclear programme, unwarranted interferences in Middle East countries, supporting Israel and India against Arabs, China and Pakistan.

In fact, political set up mainly “Opposition and Pentagon” demanding disengagement of troops from the war zones since continue out of land’s deployment is severally  demoralizing the forces and causing horrible effects on America’s economy. According the defence analysts, American economy continues racing towards financial oblivion, because of its military forces occupying nearly the entire planet. The reliable and closest estimates are showing 60,000 US special operations forces are now conducting assassinations, night-raids, training missions, joint operations and exercises in 120 countries around the world, twice as many as when Obama came to power, with deployments in about 70 countries at any given time. In addition to its overt deployment, she is maintaining the global CIA intelligence network.

 CIA after the death of Osama bin Ladin, is enjoying special   status in the president’s circle. The differences in CIA and Pentagon have become worsened when political elite suggested the withdrawal of forces but contrary to it, CIA proposed to Obama for taking decision of establishing bases before saying permanently goodbye to Afghanistan.

Truly, speaking “CIA Nerve Centre” advocates anti Muslim and Chinese approach. In this connection the agency is functioning in collaboration with Mossad and RAW. Recently, American’s Christian extremist organization “Media for Christ” in collaboration of Mossad has produced a highly objectionable movie “Innocence of Muslims”. The probable objective of ridiculing Holy Prophet could be the hidden fear of expansion of Islam since quite a good number of individuals are annually adopting Islam and leaving their native religions.  The other objective of launching this movie could be that Jewish lobby has air this movie with a view to widen the gulf between Christians and Muslim. Anyhow, Muslim came out and launched worldwide bloody anti American protest. During these protest, American ambassador along with five other diplomats been killed in Libya. On September 14, 2012 two Americans soldiers killed and six Jet Air Craft’s have been destroyed at Prince Harry Air Base of Afghanistan.

As a matter of fact; America is interested to continue of leveling   grounds of attacking Iran and launching some actions against Haqqani Group of Taliban in Pakistan. In this connection, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, US sectary of state has also signed the document stating Hassani Group of Taliban as ‘terrorists group”. The said document has been signed on the direction of CIA.   Now, U.S. will be able to pursue and attack Haqqani Group of Taliban. Though, CIA and Obama administration considering it a great success but declaring Haqqani Group as “terrorist group” will definitely cause great damage to the ongoing peace process with Taliban. The action against Haqqani Group of Taliban will also affect the American exit from Afghanistan.

Coming back towards the main topic, as per , Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (MTC) reports reveals that  General Staff officers were warned  in the last  week by their American counterparts at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) that the threat to overthrow President Obama by “certain elements” within the US Military is “nearer than first thought” and could very well cause a state of Russian officers reporting to the Kremlin on this shocking turn of events were training with US and Canadian military personal at NORAD during their annual Vigilant Eagle terror exercise and noted that this is the second warning they’ve received this summer about the plan to overthrow Obama.

Fears of Obama declaring martial law are, also, not restricted to this MTC report as many alternate news outlets in the United States are warning of the same, including the influential InfoWars.com who in their 30 August article titled Bullets, False Flags and Biological Warfare: What Is the US Government Planning? is basing its latest warning on a government insider who says “It’s Going Hot” and:

In the last few years, American economy considerably deteriorating that forced U.S. political elite to request China in bailing out from the biggest economic crunch of her history.  Some of the serious analysts are in the opinion that the overthrow of Obama may be being pushed sooner than planned due to the acceleration of food prices that from June to July this year saw corn and wheat prices each rise by 25% while soybean prices increased by 17%; prices, Russian experts say, could very well see a global war for resources begin as not even the United States will be able to afford feeding its most dire in need citizens.

Top Kremlin intelligence analyst Igor Panarin, dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry School for future diplomats, also, believes that Obama will announce martial law by the end of 2012. He explains: “There’s a 55-45% chance right now that disintegration will occur.” In 2009, Panarin lectured at the Diplomatic Academy where he said that he believed that the US will begin to collapse in 2010. He compared America to Nazi Germany and blamed the US for the global financial crisis that destroyed the Russian economy. Anyway, the results of coming U.S. elections might not be able to bring glaring changes in U.S ruling elites and their policies but somehow danger of disintegration and declination of America has been started. The only way-out to this situation for Obama and his administration is to stop supporting evils forces by   valediction of current policies and respecting the sovereignty of the other nations.

The writer can be approached through zameer36@gmail.com

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  1. letmetellyou says:

    I think that most of you people on this site are Anti-American, period. I will not be back to read anything written here, I think you’re all crazy.

  2. letmetellyou says:

    I believe you are trying to stoke a fire here in the USA. What country do you live in, because I don’t think you live here or you would know that what you, the author of this article, has states is a bunch of BS. Only an idiot wouldn’t see through what you are trying so hard to accomplish with this “wishful thinking” type of story.

  3. obamalovesfacefarts says:

    wile the military is at it, they need to crash the federal reserve, and do the job that the
    justice department refuses to do. regards, obamalovesfacefarts

  4. James Reynolds says:

    Utter garbage. Anyone who has worked with today’s military generals, as I have, know they are the most politically correct animals every to slide into an United States miltiary uniform.

    Case in point: repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. All service chiefs, with the exception of the Marine Corps, rolled over like a well-used lover for this obamanation. The Corps Commandant at least put up a token resistance before bending over.

    These guys will do whatever they are ordered to do. Period. Any other hope is a fantasy.

    Remember: Congress approves O-6 and above for promotion. They ARE NOT going to promote a General Patton or General Mitchell in this day and age.

    • Marie Lowrance says:

      not so fast, many military elites “MOST” can not stand Obama, behind the scenes it is a different story.

  5. Bill says:

    Who believe anything top people state from the Red commie bastards in the Kremlin, Obama works for them and these pieces of garbage know it. All you commie bastards go screw yourself along with your murderer Putin.

  6. Bill says:

    the CIA needs to be dismantled in the form that it’s in now and replaced. and all of the high ranking murders who work there must be brought to justice and hung for there contempt of the American people. you all will be hunted down and hung its just a matter of time. you dont work for the safety of the U.S. , you are all criminals drug dealing gangsters working for the shadow government .

  7. Nam Marine says:

    It’s about damn time the higher ups in the U.S. Military take some responsibility for our Country! This Muslim clown Obama should have been jailed for treason three years ago!
    Also, Hillary, Pilosi and Reid should be arrested!

  8. Jim B. says:

    Our U.S. political system is not prone to coups as you imagine. Clearly, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Any overt military coup would lead immediately to a counter coup and the arrest of those responsible. Assassination is a different story, but V.P. Biden isn’t the kind of leader the military would want to replace Obama. Coup by assassination has happened; for example, the Kennedy assassination resulted in Johnson becoming president. Thus understanding that coups are rare in rthe U.S. and only happen by way of assassination should give you pause, since it is not likely to happen with Obama unless Biden is killed with him and Hillary Clinton somehow becomes president. But that’s a stretch.

  9. ARIZONA says:

    OH,no POOR,POOR OBAMA,there going to over throw poor OBAMA?? NOW that I think of it ,are these the same guys that are operating the NAVY DEATH SHIPS,YOU know the group that goes from country to country and excutes” protesters ,disdents,citizans of foreign countries who don’t agree with their government ,KIND OF A LITTLE FAVOUR for governments who want citizans to disappear,with no trace as to what might have happened to them……….AM I supposed to believe THESE KILLERS of foreign nationals are going to revolt against their ANTI-CHRIST DADDY OBAMA….hahaha,come on now ,these are the same guys operating the FEMA camps ,and DRONES blowing up villeges KILLING HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN,AND now we told their going to revolt against OBAMA,hahaha,NO,NO, SORRY,I don’t believe it,sounds like a scam to me ,I think we’re being conned,THESE KILLERS ARE IN BED TOGETHER,this is another DOG and PONY SHOW………………………………………

  10. There is a conflict in this article. US Generals are planning a coup because they do not agree with his agenda (economically, afgan, iraq, martial law, et al) 60,000 US troops under their command continue to perform raids across the globe that are under they command, yet we are believe they are planning a coup to stop something they actively participate in. Who will impose martial law….. this sounds like a disinformation article.

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