U.S Russia Clash In Syria The Beginning of World War 3


With Russia admit it is bombing the rebels trained in the United States to Syria , there is a high risk of alarming a military confrontation between the US and Russian forces over Syria …


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  1. Putin is the Boss!

  2. Ismail Marsh says:

    This is going to get ugly.

  3. Ismail Marsh says:

    World war 3 maybe on it's way.

  4. Brain Baby37 says:

    The west is in a tough situation, but in 2017, elections happen & stuff changes, But I think the U.S. Needs to Mind their own business & let Russia do their thing, U.S. can take charge later. For now, let's look on the bright side of things & enjoy the rest of our lives until it all goes into mass destruction

  5. Brain Baby37 says:

    When Russia starts launching nukes at us, we should probably move to like a Tropical Island like Fiji or Tahiti… Something like that

  6. Amar Badyal says:

    Well if it breaks out then Canada Europe France E.T.C Will Obviously join in against Russia and Co.
    I Just hope if it happens The Battlefield will be in The Middle-East and not in the west, It's more likely for the battlefield to be in The Middle-East so most of us are safe except for airstrikes against U.S And maybe even Canada!

  7. WAKE UP AMERICA OBAMA is pushing America to a war they will NOT WIN!! OBAMA has proudly boasted that he's A MUSLIM. He wants to disarm the American people. He loves nothing more than the chant of the call to MUSLIM PRAYER! Its one to be proud of your religion but,he's the leader of a CHRISTIAN NATION. Guess what he did NOT say that he was proud to be the leader of America ( outright ) NEVER!! WE THE WORLD'S PEOPLE DO NOT WANT WAR!! CRY OUT AS ONE! WORDS ARE JUST AS POWERFUL AS BULLETS!

  8. the best thing for the world would be for someone to kill Obama right now.

  9. Dao Lang says:

    Anyone saying WW3 because Russia is bombing terrorists is a terrorist.

  10. D Scooo says:

    putin the hell bringer! !
    fuck you all!!!!!
    dopey shitheads! ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊??????????????????????

  11. iberiano1981 says:

    the US will do an accident on purpose…and the whole world will finaly see who is the bad one…let russia do theyre job…at least they do something..

  12. There will be no ww3 if the U.S simply gets the fuck out and goes home.

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  14. John Smith says:

    This is just a great isis explanation… Sarcasm alert!!!

  15. michaeldoit says:

    Well get the fuck out then you yanki cunts Assad didn't invite you you fucking hypocrites i hope russia shoots down your planes you scummy fat burger munching retards

  16. Archer Bow says:

    All this is written. Matthew 24:6 you will hear of wars and rumours of wars but see to it that you are not alarmed the end has yet still to come.
    The end times evolve around the middle east and all its happenings the day today.

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