UFO Captured Multiple Times On Deer Cam in Mississippi -WLOX


A number of Deer cam photographs from the a hundred and fifty acres that Rainer and Edith Shattles phone property in the Cumbest Bluff location of Jackson County show at least a single UFO in various photographs and lights that appear to project from nowhere.The Photographs were caught on digital camera the evening of February 16 2014
Supply= http://www.wlox.com/story/25156516/ufo-mysterious-floating-gentle-caught-on-digital camera-in-cumbest-bluff
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45 Responses

  1. LVOE that music at the end!

  2. Cloud 1000 says:

    The UFO wasn't there for the deer. It's funny and not so funny, but these people don't even know they been abducted. They need to put cameras in there house.

  3. Isaac Wilee says:

    1979 NFL UFO Mystery Still Unsolved, Cowboys Vs Steelers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02y7bKV5nYk

  4. ung427 says:

    Reflection of the deer's eye's in the LED lights on the camera?

  5. Joey Franko says:

    the camera does have a infrared light and that is whats lighting up the deer, not what ever the other thing is, the light is obviously coming from the camera side of the deer,not from the object at all. before you talk about deer cameras not giving off light you better do your research first, because they do

  6. "the deer appear to be lit up, but the cameras are infrared and dont emit light."

    those arent infrared light emitting diodes…they're just infrared…bulby things…


  8. if only DRONES didn't exist….

  9. nvsbl2 says:

    So, because we don't KNOW what it is, it "has" to be aliens

  10. paul russell says:

    You have to give credit to this TV station for not belittling these people they way they normally do.

  11. John Doe says:

    Personal drone via RF control easy peesy

  12. Anthony S. says:

    Simply confirms there are ?'s everywhere. I can only imagine the stuff animals actually see, just like this video.

  13. black2deep says:

    Yep it's a UFO, Unidentified Object.  The picture quality is bad, then they constantly switch back and forth between some moron that might as well be saying "This ain't no lie!"  I see no evidence of anything.  If this was posted on the ghost network everyone would be swearing that it was a ghost.  So forgive me if I display a modicum of doubt about this.

  14. Joey Franko says:

    i see 100's of these in oklahoma skies, with a thermal scope.they will come back and hover with a green laser to catch their attention

  15. Eddie Knox says:

    what state is this?

  16. Ken Behrendt says:

    Probably the "real thing". Helicopters usually only carry a single spot light and drones don't have lights on them because they are supposed to be stealthy. It couldn't be a car's head lights that high up off of the ground. Had to be a UFO. To bad it was not a video camera that could also record sound.

    The question is why were they so interested in the deer? Maybe between exposures of the trail camera, the crew of the UFO managed to tranquilize one of the deer and then hauled his body aboard the craft to take back to their home world. Maybe the particular ET "visitors" have some sort of exobiological zoo on their home planet where they keep various animals that they collect from the worlds they visit. Hope the deer is okay.

  17. Swamp gas in weather balloons

  18. illegal hunters with money.

  19. simhopp says:

    to bad it is not video.

  20. David II says:

    Volume low for unknown reason.

  21. Cole Welch says:

    Aliens are real ??????? were all gonna die!!!! I'm only ten years old.? Good bye cruel world????????????? I mean,what is this world coming to?????Some people may think that I'm over reacting,but the mother ship is coming and all of the aliens are gonna rape everybody. I'm just saying,look out for anything unusual on your deer cameras ?

  22. Kevin Curtis says:

    I am KC and I approve this message

  23. Liquor.ish says:

    so, they don't show their video?..

  24. yuva yuva says:

    all the ufo videos r blur think aliens make the videos blurr ?

  25. Denny says:

    What we learn here is that aliens can't see in the dark.

  26. saibabax says:

    So let me get this straight, someone put a camera at a random spot, and managed to get a UFO, smack down in the center of the image? Sounds a little 2 perfect for me 🙂

  27. Donald Wears says:

    big brother watching you! all of your goods such as your camera can be tracked by the gov. area 51 creates these machines such as drones and unmanned planes. they are laughing in our faces. everyone is like "ooh a ufo" that's just what they intended! FREEDOM IS GONE if they don't like what your up to they'll just do away with you!

  28. Jayme Brown says:

    Hash tag long dik not description
    No pic no dik
    Go Mississippi!

  29. Lucky Sock says:

    Someone debunked this. It's fake

  30. Zoro Zornes says:

    What about all the German and Jap  pilots who saw    FOO FIGHTERS during WW2 ?  Are they also 'hicks' ?

  31. Drone with lights????

  32. Cloud Strife says:

    Clearly a potato with spotlights.

  33. Nex Wex says:

    How about playing that damn video instead telling us stories???
    I don't trust media a shit.

  34. paopao well says:

    that is our latest drone test flight at night nearby pal

  35. might be someone with a drone, checking out the deer . or the son of flubbed

  36. interesting… love when the new gets involved and puts these stories on the news, real or not! I think it's good!

  37. i take it there is a piece of glass or plastic covering the lens to protect it from the weather?
    in that case especially in cold frosty conditions can i suggest that what you are seeing is the EYES of the deer blinded by the infra white light reflecting from the outer glass? like videoing from the inside of a car,you will see reflections on the screen. take a snapshot and blow it up … you can almost see the nose and the beginning of the ears…its like some of those two-sun vids where one sun is a reflection from the double glazing of the house … …they say the camera never lies but it can often be deceiving! … … …

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