UFO Caught on Video: Airliner SWERVES – Nearly COLLIDES with Alien UFO?

Pakalert February 8, 2017 0

two/seven/2017 Movie FOOTAGE: The moment a UFO forces passenger airliner jet ‘to swerve’ out of the way following capturing past aircraft’s home windows – as documented by passengers.
The plane maneuvered at the exact same time as the black object whizzed past the window.
A passenger on board a plane caught on camera the moment the jet “swerved” to steer clear of a UFO .

In the video a black unidentified object – which could be a drone or even a bird – can be observed at the exact same time as the pilot seems to make a sharp motion.
The aircraft is then maneuvered again, providing the effect it was moved to steer clear of colliding with the odd object.

The footage was uploaded on the internet with the caption “A UFO flies just past a Dutch aircraft, the pilot must swerve to steer clear of hitting the object.”

Resource: http://www.mirror.co.united kingdom/information/planet-information/passenger-plane-forced-swerve-out-9768626


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