UFO Drops Off Whale In Wrong Place, Found On Grass In Oklahoma


Visualize cleansing the river banks in Oklahoma and finding a 40 foot humpback whale on the freaking grass, a great five meters from the h2o. Very well, thats what occurred. Only a UFO could have carried this whale four hundred miles from the ocean to Oklahoma!

There ended up no tracks of any motor vehicle dropping it off. I have observed UFO studies like this just before, where by a UFO would be reported in the region and quickly people would obtain are living salmon flopping about in their yards, in some cases frogs, snakes and even worms. On a couple occasions people discovered crystal jelly balls.
Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

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  1. Joe Stoner says:

    We demand that u make a real video apologizing about this fake story a u should apologize for thinking that all ur subscribers are very stupid! U shot yourself in the foot with this one dumbass

  2. Greg Meadows says:

    This idiot should be banned for YouTube. Just stupidly.

  3. ARailway says:

    Those palm trees would not survive in Oklahoma.

  4. Vectant HD says:

    Has to be fake. This would be all over the news if it were real. Not some shady website. Unsubbed.

  5. It's a SCULPTURE, not a real whale! How dumb are people that would actually believe this is a real whale? UnFuckingBelievable!

  6. HAHAHAHA!!! Humans have more of a love for animals!! What a joke!! You obviously haven't looked enough on youtube to see what some humans do to animals!!!…..skinned alive for their fur, tortured pets and strays, tortured animals at the slaughter houses etc….take a look!! The ET's could be doing experiments to try to save these poor creatures, as we humans are so quickly destroying them!

  7. You are not taking into account mechanical difficulties of the UFO or a need to drop excess wright to escape pursuit.

  8. Jose De Leon says:

    as one letter but I know that SeaWorld is to blame

  9. bullshit photo shoped

  10. U know what's sad is that aliens should have so high grade of technology to maybe connect to Google and find out where to drop a whale off at??? Not where to drop off a cow!!! Cause lot of cows in Oklahoma…. Not many places u would see a whale!!!!

  11. Bruce Beloit says:

    macks full of shit

  12. UFO Mania- the truth is out there!
    sure but you fuckers arent telling it! you disgraceful bunch of bullshitting arseholes! give us the truth or nothing!

  13. there is o proof of a connection of UFO's and alien beings other then to the low intelligent human race….

  14. fake news..whare croud

  15. MrCHINBAG says:

    lol 5 meters? rivers lead to the sea….why would the whale fly 400 miles from the sea,, the river is 1 meter away…eh!

  16. MrCHINBAG says:

    looks like a sperm whale

  17. fake news I live Muskogee and trust me everyone would know and the "pic" you have ain't even in the USA

  18. dafttool says:

    Now THIS is fake news. This was an art installation on the Thames River in England

  19. can you say photo shop

  20. what a joke , we are not stupid

  21. Tone H says:

    Fuck this retarded photoshopped bullshit. I'm unsubscribing.

  22. Jim M says:

    World News Daily is a satire only website, no real news at all. Just check their about section on the website.

  23. Lazer Tracer says:

    Has anyone seen my whale? It went missing about a week ago. If you see it, feed it, pet it, but don't poke its belly. Lol

  24. John Darwen says:

    no! no! Next please!!

  25. Those damn aliens should be fined for illegal parking,cruelty to animals and fishing without a permit.They need a damn good ass whooping as well!

  26. Running Wolf says:

    they are having problems with the Matrix that is what really going on

  27. Running Wolf says:

    what if it was the Mandela effect are time line got caught up with another dimension

  28. Spang D says:

    it was a study in France, and yes the whale is fake. clickbaiting channel

  29. robot voice .. skipping

  30. Dan Rome says:

    Hilarious, great photo shop UFO MANIA!

  31. Can you hear that? I'm pretty sure its the sound of hundreds of people un subscribing. The robot is losing viewers faster than CNN.

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