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24 Responses

  1. a reason to justify budget spendings.


  2. why do they pull you in thinking maybe one day one of these vids would be real. suckered again. I hate youtube its a game for people with too much time on their hands.

  3. RedstoneManC says:

    its a fucking submarine

  4. Paul Metesh says:

    we should be sending subs down there w 4K cameras & find a door to knock on…..
    What about replacing the 1980's grainy VHS cameras in the shuttle bay w 4K cameras that are on 24/7 ?
    if we did this we will be introduced to a new world……
    the obvious block is arrogant humans want to think there superior & on
    the top of the food chain. that would dissolve instantly & reality would set in that we are not. the Truth really does hurt. ….right Hillary ?

  5. Gordon Music says:

    looks like millineium falcon

  6. there isn't latest news about it that means it is a UFO

  7. manos3790 says:

    UFO my arse! If it's in the sea surely it's a USO or an unidentified submersible object? All these ultra intelligent scientists and not one has the brains to raise this intriguing discovery….sounds like a crock I shit to me?

  8. they never show photos an when they do their blurry or move the camara

  9. kamil kay says:

    ok so there's something down there… SO WHY DON'T YOU GO AND FCKING GET IT THEN?!!

  10. raty rat says:

    It's the mellenium falcon …had to dump it somewhere I guess , George Lucas is a litterbug

  11. ShrooMusic says:

    Things don't fly under water it's a USO

  12. So it's been four years why the fuck haven't they gone down and visibly seen it, standing inside in front of one of those submergible submarine that explorers why don't they go down in it and fucking see it ?

  13. BIO WULF432 says:

    if aliens were real they would have killed us out already

  14. so I wasted my time watching this

  15. spartiatis says:

    It's an UUWO. Unidentified under water object. I'll own that.

  16. XD star wars ain't real xd they used that for the movie pros

  17. That's no ufo idiots it's ship dumb adults

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