UFO News- Planet X (Nibiru) Seen Near The Sun By A NASA Telescope Or UFO!!


UFO Information- Earth X (Nibiru) Viewed In close proximity to The Sunlight By A NASA Telescope Or UFO!!
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NASA has verified what historic civilizations warned about thousands of many years back. Nibiru, or as it is translated “planet of the crossing” might orbit our photo voltaic procedure. There are presently 9 recognized planets in the photo voltaic procedure. It is attainable that a tenth earth, referred to as “Planet X,” exists and is waiting around to be uncovered.

4,359 many years back, for the duration of the cataclysm recognized as “Noah’s flood“, “sudden changes in temperature, violent storms and water avalanches from Antarctica broke off from their ‘ice prison’ Dr. John T. Hollin at Maine University (U.S.A.) considers that massive items periodically came out of the Antarctic ice industry creating a substantial tide” (Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth Earth)3,600 many years back, for the duration of the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt in the center of the 2nd millennium B.C., the Earth experienced big cataclysms. “A celestial system that not long ago entered our photo voltaic procedure – a new comet – came extremely shut to Earth producing the eventual disappearance of the glacier layer“ (Immanuel Velikovsky, “Worlds in Collision“).

From our investigate, we consider Nibiru will look in December 2015 and go more than at the conclude of April 2016. Soon after the Passover of Nibiru/Pole-shift, we consider volcanic dust gloom will previous up to forty many years. 3600 many years back, Moses ed forty many years in which he wandered just east of the volcanoes in the Mediterranean.


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