UFO ORB FLEET filmed by US fighter pilots !!! August 2016


UFO ORB FLEET filmed by US fighter pilots !!! August 2016

August 2016 – United states, Oregon. Incredible online video from US fighter pilots who filmed OUFO orb fleet in the sky of Oregon . Click listed here to examine the total report : http://www.section51-ufo.com/2016/08/ufo-orb-fleet-filmed-by-us-fighter-pilots-august-2016.html

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49 Responses

  1. I believe that it is a phenomenon of reverberation of the sunlight by the cokpit of the plane

  2. that pilot is an epic idiot for pursuing them he's lucky they didn't kill him or maybe they knew his intent wasn't hostile lucky him…anywhoo i wouldve kicked those afterburners on and high tailed it outta there lol RTB!!

  3. my friends! ? hello big brothers ?

  4. What the fuck is that

  5. Os ovinos vão esplodir nosso planeta , eles estão dentro do planeta trabalhando

  6. They laugh at these jets,

  7. I have seen the orb UFO is Scotland years ago and they moved organicly in and out of the clouds making figure of eight shapes and with intelligence, could be the 'Watchers'.

  8. Dank Martin says:

    i think we always say aliens to them but if were wrong i think they are humans in the future thats there transportation

  9. kirAa says:

    It is real In argentine witnessed equal white figures in the sky in buenos aires 06/11/2016

  10. I saw a flying orb over Montreal last week end on Nov 6th at about 3:00PM in the afternoon. Flying from East to West just below cloud level made a sudden right turn for about 15 seconds made another sharp left turn before dissapeering into the clouds. I have been studying aviation for over 40 years and this was not a bird or a plane. I just could not explain it but it was really strange. A UFO Orb. For those who believe this great. For those who don't, too bad but i know what i saw!

  11. Attila Vicen says:

    that thing shaped like the universe

  12. Minorwolfvip says:

    Guys, it is a wormhole.

  13. Xilon10 says:

    I see 2 object n.1 is a UFO and N.2 a strange deformation in the sky ……..yes that is a WORM HOLE.

  14. CJCryer Buzz says:

    These vids need commentary.

  15. shuttlechief says:

    damn that was sexy! the F-16 is my love, my life, my pride, my joy. (mary me 8|)

  16. traviantist says:

    I read somewhere, they went into the cloud and came out in a vegas casino, they turn back.

  17. this video impresionant the ufo follow the ship and the pilot waching one thing how, ???? light whit somck. very nice you video.

  18. Demeco Green says:

    it's terrestrial camo.

  19. I'm sure the Pentagon are hiding all sorts of reverse engineered technology from the Human race that would benefit society. They say we can't handle the truth and if we did there would be a economic and religious melt down. This isn't the real reason it's probably because there is a pending disaster on its way and the Pentagon just want to save the elite??? Nasa is a Joke, live feed is a con they can permanently switch it off for all I care, it makes no difference, anybody with any ounce of intelligence knows the universe is teaming with life! Stop lying to the human race, Pentagon people you should be ashamed of yourselves that's if you are human???

  20. This secret russian weapon destroyed USA))

  21. Ab Shu Akhu says:


  22. good catch! Congratulations

  23. Larry Castro says:

    I think the orbs were just a just a light  reflection off the windshield of the cockpit.

  24. Dani L says:

    So there are 2 or 3 cameras taking pics at various angles in the cockpit…and someone secretly stole the footage to send to this youtuber….not adding up. Although the UFOs look real.

  25. อีหยังวะ

  26. puzsol1964 says:

    Hihetetlen, hogy a mai kameratechnika ilyen gagyi felvételeket tud csinálni. Ma már egy egyszerű mobiltelefon is minőségibb videót készít.

  27. they are not from out of space. they are fallen angels.
    we have so many sightings of these demons watching us down here and they
    don't do nothing but stay up there observing or cursing us.  They do
    not make contacts or appear to help us or provide us from their
    technology, medicine etc.  They stay up there in the sky watching us
    destroying ourselves through, wars, violence, barbarian crimes,
    depression, incurable deseases etc.  Believe me….  they are demons.

  28. super plasma orb portal

  29. Jason Bourne says:

    I can believe this coming from a fighter pilot.
    No agenda just flying a military jet, nice clear video.

  30. Jason Bourne says:

    badass….? what are they no mass non metalic….?

  31. Hmeli Suneli says:

    Блестяще! Молодцы парни! Ваши фильмы надо снимать в Большом кадре. Вместо муры Лукасфильм и Марвила! Спасибо.

  32. MyBizzyBee says:

    Fantastic footage! Did anyone see the huge 'cloaked' ship or? ? See. Now how hard was it to get some decent footage of orbs/ufo's? I would like to see more of this kind of footage.

  33. I see all kinds of UFOs, lately it has been those weird looking lights that shine brighter than a star and look almost like glass, they seem to hang low in the sky maybe 200'-300' up, seen them all different hours mostly between 10PM and 3AM. When I lived in Jersey it was in the early '70's my cousin and myself witnessed a very similar sighting, while I was driving and freaked, so I pulled into an A&P parking lot at 6AM. We got out of the car and stood there staring at this wondrous sight. I glanced over to see about 8 people walking out of the store, so I waited for the perfected time, and pointed up to the fleet.. well peoples jaws dropped it was quite a sight. Here's the kicker.. EVERYONE was speechless, and just got in there cars and drove off.

  34. Look at Tehran Ufo in 1976 !

  35. And It is said !! The alien tecnologi Is so advancd it will Look like Magic to humans ! ! !

  36. Elijah Adams says:

    any body else think that all the droughts across the world are because we're being sacked for water by a far more advance race?

  37. Tombidica™ says:

    I don't know why I even bother watching these, if these videos were real, we wouldn't know about them

  38. c m says:

    Why would they send up old f-15s or 16-s and not f-22 raptors or f-35s if this was in august 2016?

  39. yalana bak allah belanızı versin

  40. Lady Gem says:

    it ain't sci fi anymore….mother ship cloaking itself…awesome!

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