UFO Over Santa Clarita VFX Breakdown


A powering-the-scenes search at the viral movie “UFO In excess of Santa Clarita”. Whilst most assumed that the UFO’s will have to CGI though everything else was live motion footage, in actuality everything is computer created.

The sky is a digital matte painting wrapped on a semi-sphere. The car, its driver, the bushes, and even the flock of birds are all animated CG styles. The sunlight is a hand tracked digital flare with linked lens aberrations and smudges. Anything is bogus.

The hoax movie was directed by Aristomenis (Meni) Tsirbas of MeniThings Productions in partnership with the Gnomon Faculty of Visual Effects. Whilst Meni was liable for course, animation and lights, a crew of talented Gnomon Faculty learners were assigned thought structure, modeling and texturing for this all-CGI photoreal VFX experiment.

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  1. blood rain says:

    0:53 and theres the ufo that jumpscared me when i saw the original vid! XD

  2. Mr. X says:

    This is what they do in movies ?

  3. jay kalagan says:

    Merde, tout le reste est en cgi donc… Alors รงa c'est fort. Encore mieux que l'ufo au final

  4. fouad yabori says:

    no its not fake !! its A canadian dream

  5. Leandro Aude says:

    Thatยดs amazing. Your CGI work really defies the Weta effect.

  6. nice video its realistic

  7. it's not fake.but this video made you to do trust this is a fake video.coz ufo object is secrete subject.

  8. Nikola Tomic says:

    Incredible talent!!! Amazing work! And sound too!

  9. I em so inpressed It looks so unreal ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Umut Brasco says:

    Good work, thumbs up

  11. Top Lobster says:

    overdid it on the out of focus effect i think. i mean, if i had a camera that crappy i'd throw it in the trash.

  12. Kiro Marcell says:

    I thought the car was real and even all the place :O

  13. Lemon Goat says:

    I take that back…2013? Year of have incredible camera movement to make you throw up.

  14. impressive. better than some movie effects you see these days.

  15. Andrew Ma says:

    Dang…. Nice job

  16. Lucero Palma says:

    it fake because a lens will never just show their ship

  17. vg superset says:

    if it real the alien was destroyed us

  18. Bonni Reese says:

    I like to believe it's real, why not??

  19. Cris Park says:

    great job for a fake

  20. this is just to make people believe it is a fake but the real thing and most proof is the original video

  21. ์•„๋งž๋‹ค ์ด๊ฑฐ ๊ทธ๊ฑฐ์ง€..

  22. Victor Song says:

    Faking and presenting it as real, is fraud and lying. When this unethical(!) behavior is condoned and accepted as "normal", and in fact praised for its "skill and cleverness" we, and our entire civilization is screwed.
    I know history well enough to see the pattern, the rot of ethics and the perceptibly progressing universal decay.

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