UFO Sightings Great Footage January 31st 2017


UFO Sightings Terrific Footage January thirty first 2017. ©iUFOSightings. UFO Sightings weird lights January 30th 2017. The resource was doing the job additional time and when he arrived out to go to his car he observed this in the sky. Some of his coworkers also observed the UFO. This is a extremely exclusive UFO It appears to be like crimson lights in the sky. The UFO also appears distorted with some variety of power. Extremely intriguing UFO footage we are heading to have to say proof optimistic.
Our subsequent UFO sighting is archived footage. This arrives to us from Chicago. This UFO appears to be a room ship extremely intriguing. The resource was in a airplane flying household over Chicago when he observed this UFO. If you have any even further facts make sure you go away it in the opinions underneath.
The subsequent UFO sightings is also archived footage from the 12 months 2010. This UFO appears to be alive. The resource filmed this UFO with his cell telephone digital camera we have some vertical UFO footage right here. If you have any even further facts make sure you go away it in the opinions underneath.
The subsequent UFO footage is also archived footage of what we feel to be the exact same UFO. It was taken in Ohio United states of america October 2013. This time the UFO appears to have some warmth distortion on it. The UFO is also flying by a airplane. If you have any even further facts make sure you go away it in the opinions underneath.
The Up coming UFO Sighting arrives to us from Novi Michigan June 2014. This time the UFO appears to have a light in the heart of it. This UFO was filmed at a park. Exceptional UFO Footage. If you have any even further facts make sure you go away it in the opinions underneath.
The subsequent UFO Sightings arrives to us from Cancun Mexico. This is superb crystal clear footage. 1 of the workers took the UFO footage at a vacation resort. This is as crystal clear as UFO footage receives. If you have any even further facts make sure you go away it in the opinions underneath.
Alright our ultimate UFO video clip arrives to us from Russia January 30th 2017. This is good UFO footage. The resource and his pals occasion at this abandon factory and on January 30th 2017 they observed this UFO. They were obtaining a excellent time until they observed this UFO and started out wanting to know what is heading on? This UFO appears to be created out of metallic. The form of the UFO is extremely exclusive and difficult to explain. All in all superb UFO footage right here.
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  1. So cool that you got Woody Harrelson to narrate your vids.

  2. kesia1763 says:

    Galactic Wars….there's a lot going on up there at the moment.

  3. vockeroth7 says:

    'Ive heard recently that there is a space war going on. That could be what we are seeing here.

  4. Levi Gregory says:

    looks like a black membrane and a ball of plasma energy inside, is it a baby planet being created or something nefarious? hmm interesting whatever it is.

  5. MessHallProd says:

    The "ring" looking ships move like the Jellyfish ships do. My friend saw one a few years back in NM… Sheldon Nidle has our Galatic neighbors listed on his web site and here is what he says about them: Mother ship and other craft: Scout craft of Procyon look like either large tear-drops, or like a large beetle, and range from 45 to 200 feet (13.72 to 61 meters) across. Deep space Mother ships are shaped like either huge snowflakes or…..* "enormous jellyfish,"*…… and are from 100 to 4,000 miles (161 to 6,440 kilometers) long. The site says they belong to the: Procyonans. Just sharing… Thanks and blessings!

  6. Gary Fifield says:

    to the pilots of these object s we the people of this planet earth want yuo to declare yourselves for you to formly contact and to meet with our leaders and show your yuor selves on our television systems and share yuor technical knowledge for the good of all world planet earth its citizens and for the good of all mankind

  7. Treachia G says:

    Thank you for collecting and sharing these fabulous videos ^^

  8. gotta believe what you see. it's cool.

  9. Max Lim says:

    Not optimistic of mankind's ability and will to save the Mother Earth. More wars are being created than peace and love. May be we really need some helping hands and real awakening calls. Hope these outer space (presume these ufos are theirs) fellows come in peace. Again thanks for your awesome footage sharing.

  10. Queee emociónnn saber que tenemos hermanos de luz..cuanta inteligenciaa !!!..Dios mio !!!..felicidades por todo tu esfuerzo para mostrar al mundo ?????

  11. I'm now reading the 301 page paperback book UFOs The Whole Story by Coral & Jim Lorenzen (first printing June,1969). I have been reading books about UFOs since 1965 when I owned the book Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller. I was only 13 years old in 1965. I think UFOs are cool!

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