UFO Sightings NASA Shuts Live Video Feed As Massive UFO Appears! 1/6/2015


UFO Sightings NASA Shuts Reside Online video Feed As Substantial UFO Appears! one/6/2015 Toby Lundh ISS UFO Hunter Professional Manged To seize Stills Of A Substantial UFO Just Exterior The ISS Through A Reside Feed! Toby Promises The Reside Online video And Its Recording has Been Taken out From the Nasa Archives! This comment can be general public it you like. If this is ISS footage? There need to be no issue…Toby claimed it was captured in 2015, that becoming claimed I will share your backlink in the description! When NASA Shares footage taken down, or not, if it is NASA Footage we the people today have the correct to share it. Many thanks Secureteam10 https://www.youtube.com/view?v=pAsxflfMXtg&lc

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30 Responses

  1. Ken Behrendt says:

    Doesn't look like a solid object to me. Maybe just a reflection off of the window of something inside the ISS or a CGI hoax?

  2. John Daniel says:

    I have it. Pics too

  3. Mr Valalo says:

    fresh from "man of steel"

  4. Jean Guion says:

    large 40 dollar green laser would maybe be visible at iss.
    that would let us know it's live…that looks like a star trek communicator floating just outside the window doesn't it.

  5. TheEgg says:

    *shows words*
    *shows picture of ufo*
    rllly faggot

  6. This shit looks like the star trek symbol lmao!! Nasa playing y'all.

  7. Nick Hole says:

    guys its real i have link to the video of it promise
    note:it was not lived on year of 2015 it was 2014

  8. I don't know where to believe in, some says it appears on 2014 and this video says 2015..

  9. Mudpaws Voom says:

    can't see the vid i hear some sounds

  10. Frankie Di says:

    That's a U.S spaceship called a Habu, and at speed it can sneak around by being mistaken for a wave.

  11. its like the logo of startrek's shirts

  12. ThirdPhaseofMoon, Again You Steal Another Clip From SECURETEAM10.
    That was posted 8 Jan 2014…., Exactly 1 year later you claim this vid, Nice Snap Shot Of Your Laptop…
    This Channel if So full Of CRAP!

  13. Z ZZ ZZZ says:

    I don't trust the live feed is real time live.

  14. moth on the screen means nasa are fake to public viewing

  15. Kaje Ralocse says:

    Things like these could be deliberately done by NASA to filter out among the millions those who are so interested in these phenomena. They could be profiling you.

  16. Dean Donask says:

    us airforce space fleet super hightech super topsecret man made spacecraft. Just checkout those heat sheilds with expansion joints and ita delta shape all tell tale signs of the hand of man at work here not little green men truth be told this this is most likely the real reason they ditched the space shuttle program in favor of this lifting body design which probly flys to the edge of space on its own without the need for solid rocket boosters call it a space plane if you want but my guess is they probably have an entire fleet of these things fully operational and in different sizes and configurations.

  17. lee coates says:

    bahahahaha when will you people give up funny how little green men and ufo's only visit america bahahaha

  18. Eric S says:

    Hey… look! It's the Star-Trek badge!!!

  19. Lucy Locket says:

    There's a video on youtube of ISS from 2014 with the exact same UFO on it. Its 5:32 long by SecureTeam10

  20. this is the same ufo in the movie "cowboys vs. aliens" ???

  21. this is the same ufo in the movie "cowboys vs. aliens" ???

  22. Aliens do exist it's a good thing some like Beef" because their is other forms of food they might be after that might be more alarming!!!I have seen with my own eye's seen things not of this world, i know they are real nuts & bolts entities' infact they are a number of races coming to our world, not all of them have our best interest at heart, some take people and they have certainly not come back.
    The Colonel.

  23. Dnekar says:

    I saw the full video on secureteam. Still a cool video Blake.

  24. I have seen two videos of this object. It appears out of nowhere, and one theory of mine is that it is a reflection of the sun shining onto the solar panels and onto the window of the ISS.
    Other than that, it's a UFO

  25. Tom Williams says:

    If this is genuine, you've got something really interesting here. It's just that there's so much fakery going on.

  26. Fading Mist says:

    it's funny how NASA or who ever always try to hide alien stuff. like we give a fuck if we see it or we don't ..all we are gonna do is watch anyway. it's not like we can contact these aliens. so fucking childish if you ask me.

  27. vinteote says:

    you watch this monotonus shit up to SIX HOURS a day??? wow how bored you must be :/

  28. ….. @ .22 the picture on the laptop is from a Youtube video, you can see the "play bar" at the bottom of the screen.

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