UFO Sightings | Secret UFO Alien Documentary 2016 Full HD – Alien Encounters


UFO Sightings | Secret UFO Alien Documentary 2016 Full HD – Alien Encounters. We have all been lied to for too long. From abduction accounts to government …


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  1. Richard L says:

    Now all these crazies are on youtube claiming bigfoot,dragons,nibiru.

  2. There are only 2 types of people who believe in UFO's.
    Well……maybe 1. The 1 type of person is stupid,simple minded,gullible, foolish,clueless, and did I mention stupid already?
    The 2nd type of person is a very,very small minority and they would be the people who write books on UFO's so the stupid ones can buy the books and make the smart ones wealthy .Its that simple folks….no rocket science here.

  3. anal probs for everyone

  4. Herr Juncker EU – Seit über 20 Jahren ignoriert das Schwedische Nobelpreis Komitee meine J.Z. sensationelle Entdeckung und mein Gesetz vom 17.1.1995 das ist eindeutig Kriminell, und mit absolute Sicherheit eine Weltverschwörung, keine Theorie.Hört mit der Barbarei endlich auf.

  5. Lower Tones says:

    0:45 I certainly hope that this statement is an indication of what the rest of the vid will be like. Read it. and tell yourself why it sounds idiotic. Hint: water on a sun, with life living on a sun?!?! For Christ's sake

  6. secure for 200 B?
    that there may be 400 M? for each galaxy
    100 B times 400 M times 10 planets :)

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