UFO Sightings The Most Incredible UFOs Ever Caught on Tape!


UFO Sightings The Most Unbelievable UFOs Ever Caught on Tape!!

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24 Responses

  1. Joao Paulo says:

    well, 100% fake, but very good music, congratula tions.

  2. Shiloh wood says:

    1st ufo I saw December 24 2014 8:15 Vero Florida near the Vero mall

  3. 3:23 The alien ship looks like a ninja turtle without eyes

  4. I dont know but if aliens exist theyre smarter than us to make a saucer fly wouldent you think?

  5. So if a ufo lands on my grandpas farm, (over 100 acres and currently where I live) is the government allowed to just come take it? or what?

  6. That's a U.S.A. made based on the Gravity  Field Energy principe..

  7. Tthis is some cheap trick.

  8. BLACK Devel says:

    Those are Time Travelers, and They are humans too. They come to our year because wanna see what we look like, WERE NOT DONE EVOLVING YET!!!

  9. ApinaPojat says:

    roses are red violets are blue thumbnail is high quality why aren't you?

  10. sclock2 says:

    A lot of these are fake, get outta here with this bullshit

  11. Brutus says:


  12. come on man we exist on our little blue planet you can't tell me there's not all kinds of life forms on all kinds of galaxies

  13. John Moffat says:

    one of them is a weather bloon

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  15. All with a shitty camera of course

  16. hanlin rann says:

    interesting composition. having involved the leading experts in not being able to i.d things, we have concluded that this is most definitely the planet venus

  17. Sheryl Nieto says:


  18. 以神之名 says:


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