UFO Slovakia 2016 – 2017.


Many men and women still question the existence of a flying saucers, but
I notify you, just hold out right up until they appear in massive quantity. All-around
the whole earth will exhibit their potential to fly, their visual appeal and disappearance.
In a way that confuses men and women into thelarge extent, that no one really
recognize what is occurring. It has been prepared that the sky will “indicator”. This “indicator” currently viewed a great deal of men and women, but by the finish of this age will see it just about every person of the earth and will be amazed”
Corpuscular ship is created in element in accordance with the regulation of God in the kind of light strength. Light-weight corpuscular ship is hence better as a religious electricity manifested corpuscular ships. The ship can go a lot quicker than light. When the object moves a lot quicker than light, disappearing from sight. Goes into a different dimension.
The human eye sees every little thing that is inside of of the light spectrum. When I mention the light spectrum and hit the light spectrum of the sunshine. With amplified intensity of light would blind person. His senses would not recognize a bigger kind of vibration. It can not hence see the environment resulting on a distinct frequency, even though found about beside him. Corpuscular ship can go at high speed. It is hence invisible to the human eye. By raising the strength of the corpuscular vessel there is an improve of its speed. If it goes into the vessel by its frequency, it indicates that moves slower than the most speed. This makes it the human eye sees. It manifests itself in the kind of light. Lessening the speed to shifting light and the human eye, the ship must appear as a sound object. If the moving ship and if it stays on the molecular amount, the most rate will keep on being invisible to the human eye. That they are discussed in text that corpuscular ship may perhaps be the entrance doorway of your house and you will not see it. The ship can occur to a person secretly. Persons of it may perhaps keep on being hidden from person.
The men and women of the corpuscular vessels reduces its frequency to a protein molecule in the cell become seen to the human eye. They hence occur secretly and out of the blue appear ahead of you in the kind of light and strength. At that second arrives the light supply, the strength in the kind of spirit. You will be influenced by your spirit will be afflicted the most strength, which manifested itself about you and you will be authorized get in touch with with corpuscular ships. In get in touch with with them you should not be concerned. Imagine me, it’s one thing all-natural. There is almost nothing mysterious. Only one who manifests the spirit of mentally equipped to acquire this strength will be equipped to working experience the transition from one age to a different.


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  1. zoodiac57 says:

    yes ufos are real as much as you are fake

  2. Ananda Das says:

    Why is he filming thru the trees?..there is plenty of clear space to get a good shot without hiding behind a tree?

  3. Sol Jah says:

    if batman can shine a light in the sky not hard for us do same, could be anything from new project to beam source affecting atmospheric ion etc this aint alien man

  4. Sol Jah says:

    these colour flares could be satelite manipulation, or something manmade, not convinced me plus i dont see no military presence like you think in skies because i think thier would be, cos thiers nothing thier of alien craft and even if thier was whats the point just floating around, i will tell you this american have had plan for fake alien invasion in mind for many years since they re engineered or simply made anti gravity craft but mankind so gullable to believe its real no doubt, so if were attacked its not real alien either a manmade clone or suit form!

  5. Sol Jah says:

    looks like a light flare on the cloud from sun, a reflecion

  6. take heed to your heart and soul, the Almighty God of Israel is in Control.

  7. Lamy pie says:

    This was a very good video and capture. I agree that there are going to be more to this story of contact with other beings. I think other beings are arriving at this time because of what the earth is going to go through with earth changes. There will be a lot of humans who will transcend into the next dimension. I think there are alien beings who are good and bad. This video and others you have made would be good to put on Dill Martin's channel for exposure for others to see and come to your channel. GBY and your family.

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