UFO & Aliens ; the Physical Evidence


A review of the Pysical Proof, record, the approaches, the technological know-how, and the scientific pioneers in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Alien implants is a time period utilised in Ufology to describe a physical item placed in someone’s overall body right after they have been kidnapped by aliens. Claimed capabilities of the implants selection from telepresence to brain command to biotelemetry (the latter akin to individuals tagging wild animals for research). As with UFO topics in general, the plan of “alien implants” has witnessed very very little awareness from mainstream experts.

In accordance to Peter Rogerson composing in Magonia magazine, the notion of alien implants can be traced to a March 1957 Long John Nebel radio exhibit interview with UFOlogist John Robinson the place Robinson recounted a neighbor’s declare of becoming kidnapped by aliens in 1938 and retained subdued by “smaller earphones” placed driving his ears.

Massachusetts resident Betty Andreasson claimed that aliens experienced implanted a system in her nose throughout her supposed alien abduction in 1967, very first publicized by Raymond Fowler in his e book, The Andreasson Affair. A Canadian female named Dorothy Wallis claimed a comparable expertise in 1983. In later decades, the statements of authors like Whitley Streiber would popularize alien abduction strategies in general, including stories of unusual “implants” related with abductions. Dr. John E. Mack wrote in his e book Abduction: Human Encounters With Aliens that he examined a “one/two- to three/4-inch slender, wiry item” given to him by a twenty-four-12 months-aged female client who claimed it arrived out of her nose next an abduction expertise. California podiatrist Roger Leir also statements to have eradicated alien implants from sufferers.

Roger K. Leir is a podiatrist and ufologist greatest regarded as an investigator of alien implants. Leir has appeared on Tv and discuss radio systems devoted to ufology.

Leir says he is eradicated about a dozen implants from people’s bodies and statements they are gadgets that “emit radio alerts.” Leir alleges that implants have moved by them selves throughout surgical procedure as if to steer clear of removal. Leir says that laboratory tests of the implants suggest they are of extraterrestrial origin.


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  1. rebel dalton says:

    Crop circles………debunked.

  2. Kimmie Lame says:

    Why is 95% of ufo sights are in the usa wats going on something sounds abit sus

  3. That's just UFO used "FUEL" that is dump after use and discharged.

  4. Storm Ch says:

    wait until u know what aliens are then u will be shocked

  5. who else gets random erection wen dey bored?

  6. Kevin Cevin says:

    44:29 what he mentions here is why they keep it secret. think about it.

  7. Kevin Cevin says:

    But i must also say this video prooves very little…. just like most other videos on the same subject fail to make any proof of anything but their lack of proof.

  8. Kevin Cevin says:

    Calling it ufo`s is kind of wrong, an ufo can be anything unindentified that flies witnessed with the eyes. if they are talking about ET`s and their craft they should call it spaceships or interdimensional vessels or something like that. i see ufo`s all the time but it does not mean they are aliens or anything of that nature. it may in fact be anything, but i beleive them to be sattelites and comets but i have never seen them up close or any details but a white dot of light so it may be anything. that is the definition of ufo. Unindentified Flying Object.


  10. Mike S says:

    You people are afraid of the truth, why do you think they hide everything, most of you couldn't handle the truth so you sit in denial and make fun of things that you know nothing about. Doesn't stop it from being true. Don't give me wrong there's the fair share of secrets out there, but it's not all fake. In the universe the size of ours how can you say we're the only life out there? Open your mind people!

  11. Phil Schneider (worked at Dulce, talked and was murdered) said there are aliens, he shot one.

  12. K.V. Surdas says:

    Physical evidence , really ?? ha ha ha ….

  13. Karl Napp says:

    Bullshit !
    There arent any unknown elements in the universe.
    So how can you tell it is alien ?

  14. That looks like Alien Dildo

  15. thestew56 says:

    Guy: shit, did you see that honey?
    Aliens: Aww man, these guys really freaked… Lets throw some garbage out again and see how long the humans play with it.


  17. Allen hynek is a fraud if not a fool, how can he conclude that further investigation is needed. A lot of american official fools for not beliving and not getting evidence which is a lot

  18. Derek B says:

    Anyone with a camera will catch orb ufo's on video if they record chemtrails a few times. The government is slowly releasing information because they can't hide the ufo's anymore.

  19. River Hunt says:

    Please explain how the fuck we got technologically advanced so fast without advanced extra terrestrial life.

  20. Roy de'Alwis says:

    Aliens come to Earth for our bananas, that's all, they have used up their own and want ours and the government knows this !

  21. BC M says:

    Wasn't that alien turd already debunked? It was something like the result of accumulation off of a aluminum welders table. Fuck these people

  22. the "ufo fragment" looks like a ball bag

  23. I found an alien hiding in my armpit yesterday. Proof at last! Mind you, I am barking mad……

  24. DV Phil says:

    Can you really trust the government lab.

  25. PolitisX says:

    Seems like a History channel release, preceding the Ancient Aliens saga, considering the outdated 4:3 format. Anyone knows the release date ? As much as i googled it, couldn't find any!

  26. Nathan Smith says:


  27. Cosroe says:

    I would pay a lot of money for even a tiny artefact from a flying saucer.

  28. FLIBIDEE says:

    The PT Barnum award for the most gullible, goes to?

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