UFOs: An Outside Intelligence – Full Documentary


Do UFO’s exist? This documentary posits the notion that they not only do they exist, they are controlled by a non-human intelligence. Aliens? Ancestors from the …


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  1. TEN Services says:

    my balls are like giant UFO's

  2. sn00ch says:

    I certainly appreciate the effort…But what a stupid question: Do UFOs exist"??? UFO mean UNidentified Flying Object so YES…OF COURSE UFOs exist…

  3. A vine grower/wine maker and his friend see a UFO, sounds like him and his mate drink all the wine he makes instead of selling it, and I wonder what he puts in it.

  4. English people are odd….

  5. ante c says:

    at least try to make it look real LOL

  6. Do you do both voices or is he your dad?

  7. alex smith says:

    you see it all comes down to research there was one clip of Alaska with Penguins seriously -penguins in the Northern hemisphere – HUH ??

  8. Seen a ufo, they exist. Where it's from and what they want who knows but suspect it would be research as that's what we would do.

  9. No structure. A mish-mash of stories, muddled graphics from unrelated events, known fake photos, unnamed talking heads (sometimes in the wrong language), poor translation and no meaningful analysis! Apart from that an excellent documentary. Now FFS put on someone decent to talk about the subject like Richard Dolan.

  10. Gez501 says:

    Very interesting video. A question that remain for me is that how do we decide which are extra-terrestrial and which are those back-engineered by Black Ops organisations on earth? I am personally convinced that BOTH kinds exist.

  11. Possibly one of the best new UFO/ET docos' on the net currently; I have watched them all.
    I never watch anything twice.
    I have watched this 3 times now.

  12. Lower Tones says:

    Nice doc, but must point out that at 42:01 there are no penguins in Alaska

  13. I need to see a dead body or craft I can touch, this so-call evidence is painfully weak.

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