Ukraine is a Flash Point for World War 3


In today’s video , Christopher Greene of AMTV explains why Ukraine is a flash point for WW3 .


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  1. We know how they lie in the American media. Today held rallies in Ukraine against American weapons and American soldiers. Only American news it will not show. In Ukraine there is a war between Kiev and Donbass, Russia wants this to stop, and asks the parties to agree, and America is supplying soldiers and weapons, America says the President of Ukraine Poroshenko that he will continue to bomb!! Does America want a world that isn't America so its just NATO expands. America needs a war, and America is very comfortable, she will fight in foreign countries where NATO is there and shoot. the citizens are Riga arrange meetings against the presence of tanks America, and then, but no one hears. and the people want peace. while in the world will be America will be and warriors. America is an aggressive country.

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