Ultima Thule – World War III


Ultima Thule – World War III.



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  1. hubbabubba55 says:

    de låter inte som thule :/

  2. hubbabubba55 says:

    jo har lyssnat på typ alla deras låtar men tydligen inte den här. vilket album finns den här på då?

  3. DeathsHead14 says:

    He (Bruno Hansen) handled all the instruments (except drums which the studio-guy did) on the first LP.

    You can clearly hear the difference in musicianship on the albums that came after that one. (Despite the fact that they nowadays have their own studio and thus unlimited time to correct their mistakes and disadvantages.)

  4. czechtim says:

    Could somebody please write me text of this song? I don´t understand everything he is singing :-(

  5. sternburg10 says:

    yggdrasil LEBT !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. cyberhof says:

    @blazhwow Nope!

  7. fucking jee!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tushikakito says:

    Väldigt unga Thule

  9. ian conlan says:

    This sounds like the first singer.

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