ultimate Aaliyah documentary


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  1. Love this girl!! Miss her too!! Wish I could have met her!! Thank God for the resurrection hope!

  2. Poor baby girl Aaliyah why did she leave this earth in pain and love for her and hope she is proud to be in heaven by now we all kiss her dearly.

  3. Bahlebonke says:

    I get so emotional about her death at times. I always think she was meant to stay. omg im getting emotional as im writing this comment. we love you baby girl.

  4. Beautiful documentary. Rest In Peace Our Angel Aaliyah (1979-2001)

  5. I love her, adore her and miss her …. R.I.P. babygirl

  6. STU NYAKALE says:

    I was 6 when she left us. Yall couldn't hav said it betta RASHAD is one smokin' hot brotha, damnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sylvia Osuji says:

    Miss u Aaliyah❤❤❤!!

  8. Jenn Franco says:

    so sad – good too young

  9. Dani Tounsi says:

    Rip baby girl?❤️❤️❤️

  10. Our kids needs to be raised up hearing this.Aaliyah is the best thing that ever happen to us she was a gift from god and her music is like listening to a angel We need to get her music back on the radio they need to come up with a 90s radio station.I wanna hear aaliyah music on the radio

  11. She was an amazing girl, loved her music when i was younger, was about 15 when she died and it broke my heart, looking at it now, maybe she would have been a mum now, married maybe, who knows??? Even the belly thing wasn't started by Rihanna nor Beyonce, she did it wayyy before them..I hope she had enough time to repent, no need gaining the whole world and losing your soul…. Heaven and Hell is real, we have been given a free will to chose HEAVEN OR HELL, WE CAN'T SERVE 2 MASTERS, the devil is just a deceiver, please guys don't be deceived..THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOONER THAN WE THINK…GOD BLESS Skank Dollar for uploading..

  12. R.I.P Babygirl??

  13. AngelaB says:

    got killed?

  14. nagina says:

    no taste in men uurgghhhh

  15. dueroden says:

    "Thank you, mommie". Aaliyah and her gorgeous mother are so adorable.

  16. RIP Princess…

  17. V McBride says:


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