UN Asks: How Many People Could Live on Planet Earth?

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Susanne Posel
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The Tellus Institute , a non-profit sustainability research organization, created “sophisticated human population models” with their PoleStar project (PSP). Using data provided to them by the United Nations (UN) and the World Bank (WB), they analyzed parameters such as energy consumption, land use and pollution.

The PSP predicts simulated outcomes that are being used to shape international policy. Richard Rosen, executive vice president of Tellus claims that if we are to make this world a pleasant place to live, we should “get going immediately. There’s no leisurely way.”

Geophysicists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research states that only 282 billion people could be “packed onto the planet” with all other land reserved for food cultivation only.

The PSP infers 4 possible scenarios that will come to pass because of the growing human population.

Market Forces

If we continue “business as usual”, by the year 2100, we will see the poorer regions suffer from the growth of industry. Environmental problems abound and become more acute.

We can expect family planning policies that restrict the right to have children. The expectation of population growth would be pushing the boundaries of sustainability; being 9.3 billion.

With more humans on the planet will come income disparity. The average take home pay could be as low as 5cents per dollar earned.
Water securitization would be implemented to ensure water stress is reduced to an acceptable minimum. However by 2100, water shortages could reach as high as 50%.

Under strict food securitization policies, less than 6% of the world’s population could be affected by starvation.

Policy Reform

In this scenario, by 2100, governments have adhered to the UN’s climate change targets and sustainability goals; however economic growth is hindered and stronger policies must be put in place to curb the affects.

With family planning services enforced onto the population, only 8.4 billion people would be straining natural resources.

The average income would only be worth 11 cents on the dollar.

Expected water shortages would force 23% of the world’s water resources to be controlled by governmental policies.

International mandates controlling food would result in only 3% of the world’s population to suffer from hunger.

Fortress World

By 2100 this global society would be controlled by an authoritarian government in order to control distribution of resources. Economic, social and environmental downgrades would cause the wealthy to retreat to protected areas; leaving the masses to fend for themselves in the wastelands.

Implementing family planning services would be near impossible, leaving the global population to rise to 10.2 billion.

The average income would be reduced to 2 cents on the dollar.

Water securitization would control 46% of the world’s water supplies.

Global hunger could soar to nearly 15% of the entire population.

The Great Transition

By 2100, if the world’s societies were to radically alter their environmental preservation policies and prioritize social memes to reflect those of the UN, the planet could live in a world of social equality and cooperation.

Family planning would have successfully controlled population growth to a stable 7.3 billion worldwide.

Take home income could be raised to 36 cents on the dollar.

With less people, water securitization could be kept to a minimum of 21%.

The incidents of global hunger would be negligible.

Regardless of global population decline, the UN’s Populations Fund (UNFPA) is calling for more family planning services in order to further decrease fertility rates worldwide.

The UNFPA released a report in 2011 that erroneously claimed that the world’s population will rise to 9.15 billion by 2050. In response, the UNFPA has focused efforts on STD immunizations, abortion and contraception more readily available under the non-discriminant term, family planning”.

Their concept for the future appears to be miserable without the submission of all humans on planet Earth to their globalist Elite schemes. They are quite good at using fear to justify their policies to elected officials, governments and average citizens. Their continued success will surely lead to the worst of possible futures.

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  1. Me July 1, 2012 at 11:55 pm - Reply

    It’s been happening for sometime, I am from an area in the USA where the elite billionaires and millionaires have moved in and pushed the locals out, property prices rose so much while wages remained flat the average person doesn’t stand a chance of buying anything and those playing slumlord raise rent so much people can not get enough ahead to ever get out of the rent game.
    The one elitist area called the yellowstone club requires a balance of a million dallors in your bank account to even look at building a house in the area.
    The nice areas are bought up by the rich who use them as holiday retreats, maybe living there 2 months a year and then off to another mansion someplace else. It does look like they want the rest of us to just go live in the desert or something and they will send a work bus by from time to time to bring in workers to their areas as they need them, then ship them back when they don’t.
    Warren Buffet is right when he said, the class war already happened and we (the rich) won.

  2. gaspo July 1, 2012 at 11:19 pm - Reply

    how many people can live on earth. About 40% more thannow, anyway. That is the percentage of good food that is scrapped everyday by food distributors, instead of creating a variety of quality and corresponding price categories. I know somebody who feeds dozen pigs withe the scrap of one single supermarket. That food arrived first grade and, quite often, is scrapped just because the shelves cannot accomodate the new arrivals.
    At school, were taught about mortal sin and venial sin. This is a mortal sin
    and the world will pay for it.

  3. john July 1, 2012 at 8:31 pm - Reply

    I’d say we the little cockroaches as they like to call us decrease these UN world government slugs to a desirable population of – 100%. Kill them before they kill us all.

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