UN Reveals “Agenda 2030” New World Order


Basic Assembly approves the “Agenda 2030″ for Global Sustainability” the formation of the New Entire world Buy http://www.paulbegley.com also http://www.un.org/apps/information/story.asp?NewsID=51767#.VehRpUI-Ci4 also http://www.rightsidenews.com/life-and-science/society-wars/the-2030-agenda-this-month-the-un-launches-a-blueprint-for-a-new-globe-buy-with-the-enable-of-the-pope/


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  1. M. says:

    Today the world continues to believe they have peace and security even more so than ever. I do not believe that the UN has ceased their plans.

  2. It was a secret 100 yr plan of the Freemasons and expires 2030.Read about the Freemason history,they are so evil.Governments became involved in 1968 to help this happen.

  3. Peter1999 says:

    Paul get ready for the show. 6:00

  4. The UN has had the general reputation of "peacekeeper" but I don't think it's been successful in that goal. Why do governments want the UN to be THE ruling voice for all nations? Keep in mind that the UN's head of the Human Rights commission is a citizen of Saudi Arabia where Sharia law is practiced by the government. I guess governments are in agreement that they'd rather not work towards improving the world, but just would rather subjugate the people to one philosophy.

  5. Mike Mcorky says:

    Peace and safety for all of us. Minus a few Muslim terrorist attacks that we failed to mention.

  6. The Georgia Guide Stone to maintain the world population at 500 million ! What about the other 7 billion? Remember the good that men do? The concentration death camps of Nazi Germany where 13 million were executed. Does any moron believe this bullshit that men will be good and that that the wealthy will give up their trillions?

  7. 5winder says:

    That sounds about right… since the dawn of the third (1000-yr) 'day' since our Lord went away — is sometime in 2033. That leaves enough time (42 months) for the tribulation.

  8. So, it's basically starting right now?

  9. rodimuspm says:

    TO ALL PRE-TRIBERS, THE RAPTURE IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ON THE 23RD. REPEAT, THE RAPTURE IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ON THE 23RD! But what may happen on the 25th is the start of the one world government and religious systems mentioned in Rev. chapter 13 and 17. regardless just be ready at all times, some of us might not wake up on the 23rd or 25th. Just be vigilant and keep your eyes open and stop believing what the mainstream media garbage is feeding us.

  10. Why do Christian preachers believe that the attempt to Be Perfect, and make a peaceful and sustainable civilization, planet and people, to be Satanic, antiChristian?

    If you tune out the preachers, and ask God direct, you will hear today's message.
    We have an opportunity to transcend the events of Revelation. We see all the signs, we know the what, the why, the how, and with some discernment, the Who.

    Listen to God. You do not need the book; the Father speaks today. To YOU.
    It's not God who will destroy us and make wars — it is man.
    Be Perfect. Love One Another.
    Ask God direct. the message is for all – you need only listen.

  11. John Carboni says:

    The white pope is a puppet for the black pope, who really runs the Vatican and governments, so I have gathered.

  12. Absolian says:

    if by the next 100 years we as civilization won't make the transformation to Type 1 civilization we won't make it to see the next 200 years.

    Kardashev scale

  13. LA ENQ says:

    2030? -00 = 23 . September 23 they are trying to fool us and get are minds off september 23 . The time is now we are not guarenteed 15 years do not be decieved. type september 23 on youtube or google and see what you find. but do nor fear for jesus loves us amen ?

  14. Albert Geo says:

    Think about this established in 1945 so called end goal 2045 100's and you think N.w.o has no plans . baby please

  15. Albert Geo says:

    The UN? established in 1945 after world war 2, come on they never want too establish  body's of Power over the mass's of Earth lol.

  16. Whitney Cain says:

    just keep praying stay in faith

  17. "They will have to know that I am Jehovah God" ….when they cry "peace and security ..instant destruction will be upon them"

  18. droldsw31 says:

    It looks like someone has jumped out of a window if you look closely at the upper right hand corner of the picture.

  19. NEGAN says:

    The Jewish Anti-Christ(Dajjal) will rule/lead the New World Order from Jerusalem, Israel. The Jews will finally fulfill their sick and twisted desires of establishing their political and economic dominion over the rest of mankind AKA "The Gentiles", who according to Jews are nothing more than dirty cockroaches created on this Earth to serve Jews because Jews are supposedly the "Chosen people of God".

    PS: Good job USA! Good job U.S. military! Good job NATO! This is the road you sick twisted fucks are leading mankind towards.

  20. Craig Neeve says:

    2030, is 2000 years since the crucifition, very significant

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