Understanding The Signs Of The Time – Predictions for the Near Future


Saturn in Eclipse

Saturn in Eclipse

By Paul A Drockton M.A.

The Illuminati are a very superstitious bunch that prefer that their events line up not only numerically, but also with the planets and stars. With that in mind, this should be a very interesting couple of months. The following planets are expected to move very close together in the months of July and August:

Mars: Named after the god of War. In ancient Babylon it was known as the “Star of Death”. The Planet was named after Nimrod, the ancient anti-Christ that built the tower to heaven. He was also known as the great tyrant. Nimrod founded Assyria as a military dictatorship. He also founded Babylon. In modern discussions, Assyria is often associated with Russia and Communism.

Venus: Named after Isis. Who was named after Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod and the Goddess of Babylon. Also known as the “Great Whore” in the Bible because of her aberrant sexual lusts and proclivities. In modern discussions, Babylon is often associated with the the United States and Western Europe.

Saturn: Saturn is named, in Greek mythology after Kronos/Chronos, the Titan that was banished by Zeus. He was the god of Time. In more ancient civilizations, the six pointed star was the symbol of Set, the Egyptian god of evil. The Hebrews referred to him as Satan. Thus, Saturn is the planet that represents Satan and the forces of chaos/destruction.

I quote from Helen Blavatsky, noted Occultist:  “It may be easily proved that from time immemorial Saturn or Kronos, whose ring, most positively , was discovered by the Chaldean astrologers, and whose symbolism is no “coincidence,” was considered the father of Zeus, before the latter became himself the father of all the gods, and was the highest deity. He was the Bel or Baal of the Chaldeans…Now we have to remember that Siva and the Palestinian Baal, or Moloch, and Saturn are identical;

These planets are coming together in the night sky over the next few months. In the first week of August, they will  “converge” at their closest points.

Possible prediction based on the above:

1. This would be an ideal time for the Illuminati to start the war between Babylon (The forces of Western Culture)  and Assyria (Russia and its allies).

2. Israel’s assaults on the “flotilla” could be laying the groundwork for a “False Flag” in the United States during this convergence, that will be blamed on Iran. This would tie into the vision I saw of a large nuclear device exploding in Phoenix Arizona. Phoenix, by the way, is symbolic to the Illuminati. Their motto is “Order from Chaos”. The “Firebird” or Phoenix, is a mystical bird that bursts into flames at the end of its life and then is reborn from the ashes. I also saw a dirty bomb explode in Detroit. Detroit, of course has a very large Arab population.


The events I saw were real, but I was not given a timeline. The theory I presented above is based on my own research and analysis.

Predictions for the Near Future:

Some of what I write is from Inspiration and some from Observation. There is no order or timeline here.
1. I saw a massive volcano form in Mexico that drove the inhabitants Northward into the United States.
2. World War III will start in the Pacific. The forces of Islam, Buddhism and Shintoism are being manipulated by the Illuminati and their Jewish Allies into a war with the so-called Christian nations.
3. The United States will be attacked on all four borders. The Russians will come from the North and the Atlantic. The Chinese will come from the West and South with their Central and South American Allies. The massive wave of illegals has been encouraged by Traitors and the Satanists to alienate Central and South America from the United States. When the invasion comes, it will bring with it the armies of South and Central America.
4. I saw race riots in our cities between blacks and whites. I saw race wars between Hispanics and Blacks and Hispanics and Whites.
5. I saw a nuclear explosion in Phoenix Arizona that was created by the Traitors and Satanic Psychopaths as a pretext for war with Iran. I saw a dirty bomb explode in Detroit. In a surprise attack, Russian submarines launched nuclear missiles against US cities and  military installations.
6. I saw that the Conspiracy set up its new world headquarters in Israel and withdrew its wealth from the nations of Europe and the United States. This concentration of gold and silver is what will lead the armies of Russia and China to send a massive amount of ground troops to invade Israel. I saw that the great evil will be cleansed from among the people.
7. I saw the leaders of the conspiracy in the United States and Europe quietly withdraw into their places of retreat, both underground and to Israel.
8. I saw that the global elite viewed the catastrophes as a huge blood sacrifice to Satan and that their manufactured events would follow the Occult global calendar. This is the sign.
9. I saw that World War III would cause chaos and race rioting and all nations would dissolve into anarchy.
10. I saw plagues decimating the population that were designed by evil men. One in particular caused purple blotches with a red center and a white pustule. I believe it was a lethal combination of plague and smallpox.
11. I saw an American Resistance army emerge that was not controlled by the Illuminati. I saw that they added to their forces daily and were effective, through sabotage and guerilla attacks, at slowing down the enemy occupation. This group operated under military law and treason was punished by death. I saw that they also targeted politicians and others that had assisted the enemy in their preparations.
12. I saw Utah cleansed of its adulterers, adulteresses, pedophiles, homosexuals, narcotics, liars and thieves. This came about through earthquakes, occupying forces, plagues and other judgements. I saw that some of the righteous had gathered to places of refuge before this cleansing. When they re-emerged, they established a government that was founded on sound Constitutional Principals and run by righteous men.
13. I saw that the Native Americans and the American Resistance joined forces with this new government in the center of the land, and that their combined forces were sufficient to push back the enemy on all fronts. I saw that they were assisted by angels and the judgements of God.
14. I saw that, when the work of destruction had been completed in this land, that the small percentage of whites and blacks that had survived were in the minority. The new majority of Native American populations were converted in a day, after their work of bloodshed and retribution for all past wrongs, was completed.
15. I saw that these men then established peace in the land. Under the inspiration of the Almighty, they built Holy cities and Temples throughout the land.
16. I saw the Ten lost Tribes of Israel emerge from obscurity and establish themselves on the North and South American Continents. I saw that true Christianity was their religion, and Jesus Christ their God.
17. I saw the earth transformed into a “Garden of Eden”. I saw plants and trees return to their previous condition before the fall. I saw that their fruit was much larger and much more nutritional to both body and Spirit. I saw strawberries the size of the human fist and grapes as big as plums. These were delicious beyond description. I saw that grains were harvested and re-harvested from the same plants without damage. I saw that both animals and man were herbivorous and lived off the fruit of the field.
18. I saw that animal products such as wool and milk were freely given and that the land overflowed with both milk and honey.
19. I saw that the snake lost its bite and venom, the scorpian its sting, and that nothing in nature was at enmity with man.
20. I saw that gold was used for paving the streets, and that precious stones were used to decorate the gates of the cities. No man sought to excel above his brother. I saw that covetousness, greed, anger, hatred, and lust were done away with. All men contributed for the benefit of the whole.
We will shortly pass under a darker cloud than any of us are expecting. This has the purpose of cleansing the land from all of its polutions and abominations. Once the evil and wicked men are no longer on the earth, Satan will be bound and we will look at the present difficulties as merely a necessary part of our mortal experience.

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8 Responses

  1. Not much seemed to have happened in retrospect. The question now is how valid is the source for the future.

  2. silkworm says:

    A Qura’nic quote right in the context that is being discussed:

    People will ask you about the Last Hour. Say “Only Allah has knowledge of it. What will make you understand? It may be that the Last Hour is very near.”
    (Surah al-Ahzab: 63)

  3. ABADDON says:

    What holy book does not speak of an apocalyptic future for mankind? What generation has existed that did not believe they were living in some end time scenario in their day? The bogey man of global disaster has been there as long as man has existed in significant numbers on this planet, and has been reinforced with the dogma of a religious belief system that has permeated the whole of mankind.
    This foreboding mentality has long been in the psyche of all men, never more so than today, and with good reason, seeing we have had two world wars within half a century. Add to that the nuclear capability that is now in the hands of the most unstable psychopathic creature on the planet, MAN. It gives credence to that foreboding mentality of an “end” of the world belief that seems to be gaining momentum as the present day world of ours are showing all the signs of a war to end all wars. This time they can do that, and if history is anything to go by, that war is inevitable.
    The why’s and wherefores are without number, it is written in the stars say some, it is bible prophecy say others, be it angels or demons, star signs or dreams, the evidence of human behaviour as recorded in history, and what we have witnessed in our own lifetime gives us abundant proof of the self destructive nature of man. A nature which overides all the “good” that one might try to use about the other side of man, to give a false hope to others as though we can overcome the warlike behaviour of the human family as written in stone which has dominated his behaviour. To hang onto straws when ones life is at stake, is to end up crashing on the rocks below.

  4. A very nicely written and well observed article. Although, some questions remain in mind but the article is good enough to lure our attention towards the challenges of future. I know, at current level, the mankind is living at its worst and lack the eye to see, heart to realise the immoral things we’re doing on God’s place, but at the same time, there is light at the end of the tunnel with such huge wars eventually purifying us. Hard times ahead, I must say.

  5. Mustafa Shaban says:

    Different but similar to Islamic Prophecy. Many people are able to see the future, and predict accurately, some achieve perfect accuracy while others drift offf a bit. This is influenced by whether you get this information in a dream or vision, from angels or from demons (jinn).

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