Universe Facts • Weird Enigma of Magnetic Storm Inside Universe • Full Documentary Movies (2016)


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  1. you got yourself a sub keep it up

  2. That day is very near, we will eyewitness how suns flares will get closer than we used to see within our comfort zone, the earth is loosing magnetic flux rapidly the one is the defensive shield of the earth. Even though flux comes out of inner core just like the gravity, however there is difference between flux and gravity. I'm very sorry guys your compression of magnetism and gravity just sucks, magnetism is stationary gravity is in motion, just for that reason magnet pulls from one side and pushes from the other side gravity works differently, function of the gravity lot more complex, it involve lots of explanations than just compare to magnetism.

  3. why ads inside the documentary in stead of in the beginning?

  4. Zurround100 says:

    Hollywood is run by morons. The movie 2012 was a fucking joke "mutant neutrinos"? really? So many bullshit plot devices. The magnetic storm discussed in this video would be a fabulous plot device for a world wide megadisaster movie.

  5. nemesis says:


  6. Brilliant documentary thanks!

  7. wat staat er in mattheus 24 over te laatste dingen ter tijden vlak voor JEZUS terug zou komen en er een nieuwe Hemel en Aarde zou verschijnen die met GODshanden gemaakt zullen zijn?john johan otten uit hoogeveen in nederland.

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