Unveiling Queen Mary Plaque – Technicolor (1967)


This item is filmed in Technicolor. London. GV. Marlborough House. GV. Guests assembled seated waiting for royal arrivals. SV. Chapel. royal choir walking into …


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  1. Stella Maris says:

    Hail Mary, Holy Queen!

  2. Fauntleroy says:

    Wow, you've got to hand it to the Duchess.  Just look at her next to the Queen Mother, she looks years younger.  Very chic and beautiful well into her senior years.  Classy dame.  (Not that Her Majesty wasn't, obviously.)

  3. vitoduval says:

    Mean Mr mustard was there

  4. Renee Bloggs says:

    Thank God Wallis came along and took Edward away – he was truly unfit to be king, however much people liked him personally.  I disagree that she was not allowed to be styled HRH after her marriage though.  That was her right as the wife of a British prince.

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