Upcoming Zombie Movies 2016 and 2017


This is a video of some of the best (in our opinion) upcoming horror Zombie films in the next few months and years. Please let us know if we missed any.


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  1. RETRO GAMER says:

    extinction been out i seen it in 2015 not 2016 so it should be top 19 zombie movies coming out pls lik dis comment if u lik i t

  2. You forgot pride and prejudice and zombies

  3. Extinction looks cool haha get it cold

  4. Jacob Lucero says:

    Finally there making a 28 months later been waiting for it forever

  5. These already came out, seen them. wth?

  6. Brett Truax says:

    World War Z 2- wanted by many, trailer created on the first Wii

  7. James Muir says:

    Fuck you and your clickbait whoring ass…

  8. Jason Wood says:

    Decided to go full retard at the end.
    Never go full retard

  9. "Appshoo… only one outstanding source of absolute bullshit videos"… congratulations on not even being second rate.

  10. hola no entendí nada no entender el inglés

  11. das war NICHT zombieland 2……

    das war die erste Folge der gedachten Serie….die dann aber nicht fortgesetzt wurde!

  12. das war ein Spiel und kein trailer zu world war z 2……Und es ist auch kein 28 month later trailer….sondern einfach ein Bild…..verarsche

  13. Say No More says:

    Can i hit the dislike button in a million times?

  14. Eganator2000 says:

    Pretty sure it was announced there was gonna be no sequel to 28 days later…

  15. [REC]⁴ was too short for me to have an opinion on.
    Extinction looks pretty good.
    The Last Ones Out seems like a Left 4 Dead type of crew ((which is good, I love L4D))
    And Zombieland was a good movie, and the sequel looks… eh.
    World War Z 2 and 28 Months Later look great. ?

  16. jamie brown says:

    zombieland 2 was a tv show that didn't do good

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