UPDATE: False Flag! World War 3 is upon us! (Expect more false flags soon!)


We can expect more false flags in the coming weeks … This is an update to my first documentary MUST SEE ! World War 3 is upon us !


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  1. MrBarnett420 says:

    For everyone out there EVER effected by American warr actions, IM SORRY for my countries actions… I dont have anything against anybody on the other side of the world, youve NEVER done anything to me. I know sorry doesnt help and i wish there was a way i could stop all this fuckin war because im tired of my country always starting wars just to make money, but i cant do it alone…

  2. Steven Dalby says:

    Did somebody sat gas ?my lighter as run out

  3. Steven Dalby says:

    America should of told the rebel terrorists to of gassed Israel instead because the wesr would of done something about it ,telivev would of done nicely

  4. dzulsoviet says:

    hey stupid obama and hague what about those nuclear bombs exploded in Syria??? Aleppo airport was hit by 3 nuclear bombs 10000 plus dead!! But who cares about that right??

  5. MrOnyx29 says:

    Living on this evil world makes me sick. Make love NOT WAR!!!

  6. Bob it was Flouride, the same stuff they put in our Water.

  7. WeThePeople says:

    @Geertt Wilders. Are you stupid? All relgions say not to judge, its not the religion, its you judging that is the problem.

  8. Jam Dennely says:

    It's amazing so many people are fooled, obama don't care about the people.

  9. iLLmatic. says:

    I'm a christian, but it isn't about Islam itself as a religion, it's about people who misinterpret it. There are a lot of muslims who don't bomb and slaughter people, you know?

  10. Will Mou says:

    ignorance is a bliss!

  11. The absence of a higher value whatever you believe is the problem…. The people are letting things like this happen…. Eventually it will come full circle, it always does.

  12. Damn hippies! Without war the world would be overpopulated. #Logic

  13. joshrandar says:

    Israel is once again using America to fight its enemies, how blind are you?

  14. Paul Hogarth says:

    US by proxy. The Wahhabist mercenaries, the so-called "Rebels" or "Free Syrian Army", are losing in the Middle East. The Anti-Wahhabist Hezbollah is helping Assad retake lost provinces. Public support from the Syrian people is for Assad. The Muslim Brotherhood lost Egypt, soon-to-be crushed in Syria. US involvement is the only way they can win, thus use chemical weapons as a means to give the US a reason to destabilize Syria. To justify a strike against Iran, as Iran is sworn to protect Syria.

  15. Kyle Reed says:

    No it isn't That is what the illuminati want you to believe. So stay in the naive bubble of yours. We must spread awareness and Awake the People. China and Russia are the GOOD GUYS! Amercia and NATO are the Aggressors!

  16. Can't we let these countries sort out their own domestic problems. Whoops I forgot…OIL…

  17. OmiD A says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, friends ,fans and Enemies …
    The Arrivals will reveal to you a major secret.
    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
    I'm trying to free your mind but i can only show you the door. you are the one that has to go the through it.
    see this:

  18. kola wole says:

    american are only in war and intervention only for the oil and other resources.shame on buracky obama. Americans as there problem to face but no they go pucking there big fat red neck head into other.Americans someone has to tell you that you are not alway right

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