Urgent world war 3 prophecy Revealed! (Ww3)


The dreaded World War 3 is going to happen ! Will begin soon in the Middle East and Russia . Rev : 9 : 13 …. he says a third of the world population will die .



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  1. Wow!!! You posted this video before ISIS and Russia became extremely violent!! Amen. God's word is true.

  2. Annie Nymous says:

    The Lord told me the same 4 yeas ago I heard the voice of the Lord say, " Russia, Syria, WW3" I had no idea what was going on in Syria at the time and here we are seeing it begin. Today Russian air strikes started in Syria. Russia has told US to leave the area and US is refusing. Its starts now. Jesus Bless you sister, we are going home soon!!!

  3. allasaurous says:

    thank for putting that message out, i recalled today when i saw the russia syria news, i knew it was important to retain that word.

  4. allasaurous says:

    You are an awesome messenger! Ill tell my family .

  5. allasaurous says:

    Fantastic life ahead for anyone who wants its. c you there!

  6. rasibou1 says:

    Thank you for sharing with Humility and grace.I had a vision myself and never been as distress in my whole life .I personally heard the Voice of Yashua (Jesus) and Humbled myself and prayed that he make way out for me out of NYC and He did.Serious stuffs about to Happen.Everything is aligning according to Prophesy.The bless all the Believers!

  7. rasibou1 says:

    Christ is for real.He is the most mocked and ridiculized in the Whole world .The World dispise him and hate him for no reason.I was raised as a Muslim yet been seeking to know the truth by reading and searching out all religions without prejudice and Christ revealed Himself to me and I read the scriptures everyday with my Children and doing my best to be a humble servant.May the Lord help us all.

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