US and “Allies” Prepare For War With China


AirSea Battle
By Richard Halloran

A new operational concept looks to prepare the US and its allies to deter or defeat Chinese power.


AirSea Battle looks to prepare the US and its allies to deter or defeat China’s rising military power. It envisions operations of USAF fighters, bombers, and missiles coordinated with Navy aircraft flown from carriers and land bases—plus missiles launched from submarines and surface ships. Nuclear war plans will also be folded into the AirSea Battle operation.

A question, however, has arisen over who will control the joint war.

USAF expects the 613th Air and Space Operations Center of 13th Air Force at Hickam AFB, Hawaii, to be assigned that task, but the Navy has traditionally been loath to give up control of its carrier air wings.

Moreover, the Navy has organized Maritime Operations Centers that would need to be meshed with USAF’s AOCs, and Air Force and Navy sensors and communications gear that are not now compatible need to be made so.

At US air and naval bases in Japan, South Korea, and Guam, the evolving AirSea concept calls for hardening command centers, communication nodes, hangars and repair facilities, fuel tanks, electrical generators, warehouses, shipyard machine shops, and just about anything else that can be protected from missile attack. For runways and ramps that can’t be protected, RED HORSE engineers are to be posted in protective shelters nearby from which they can swiftly emerge to repair damaged areas.

The plan even calls for developing new materials that will harden in far less time than ordinary concrete to make a damaged runway operational again.

Further, AirSea Battle will incorporate an “active” defense, employing a variety of measures to destroy enemy aircraft and missiles or to reduce the damage of such attacks. Active defense relies on aircraft, air defense weapons, electronic warfare, and cyber operations. In particular, AirSea Battle calls for greater emphasis on the development of ballistic missile defenses.

The purpose of AirSea Battle is clearly to deter China, with its rapidly expanding and improving military power, from seeking to drive the US out of East Asia and the Western Pacific.

If deterrence fails, AirSea Battle’s objective will be to defeat the People’s Liberation Army, which comprises all of China’s armed forces. The Obama Administration and the Pentagon contend that war with China is not inevitable, which may be so, but a memo outlining the purpose of a previous AirSea Battle wargame left no doubt that the US is preparing for that possibility.

(God Help Us.)

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16 Responses

  1. Chinawoman says:

    So SK/Japan/Philippines and possibly Vietnam will gang up with the US to fight China.Those countries that allow US forces to attack the Chinese mainland will be devastated. And so will the US .The US may prevail but the winds of a nuclear fallout will from east to west making sure the US won’t escape the nuclear fallout and radiation.
    Btw,I am pretty sure the PLA will devise more powerful weapons of destruction to make sure the US wont escape massive and unacceptable damage. This won’t be a replay of 1996. Then US carriers were able to roam the Taiwan Straits to scare the butts of the PLA.Any future such display will resut in the of these carriers to the grave of the Taiwan Straist with 13000 casualties. The US president anod othe top Penatgon top brass shd be tried for mass homicide.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Isn’t difficult to avoid an attack by the US and Allies , but the country under threat must utilize the social movement and civilian force . If I was a commander ; I’ll mobilize my nation anti-invasion demonstrators into all possible military target , womans , childrens , elderly , celebrities , workers , and even the president … I’ll use my soldiers only to supply water , food , and transportation to the protesters . I’ll invite the world media to record the anti-invasion movements and how they defend the sites without a rifle . Trust me ! , the US or Allies will dare to drop a bomb into sites full of womans and childrens protesting against an invasion or attack …. Any commander that don’t utilize all their human capital will suffer a defeat . War is always the last option .

  3. Jimmy says:

    US has been trying to build this case against China for sometime , China operations are defensive in nature . China already has a military protocol in place that come from Mao , if China is attack , even if is conventional , Nukes will be launch . The real rift with China comes from the Security Council , Hitler plan was to let the – Arian Race- with total power in the UN , but the Soviets gave China nuclear weapons , so China is the only not Arian nuclear power in the Security Council which create suspicion and distrust among the rest of the permanent members . The new Russia can’t be trusted either , the none permanent members are a bunch of puppets , so the best strategy for China if attack , is to Nuke everyone in the map , no questions ask . However ; Bin Laden did some damage to the allies by forcing then into a war that wasn’t plan , is very possible that 9-11 did in fact prevented the attack against China .

  4. moore says:

    Only way China gonna beat the U.S is they will have to invade the U.S land and it wont never happen cuse the U.S will be over there land and taking over citys so fast they will have to worry about protecting there self

  5. Straight Talker says:

    China-PLA today is totally different than China in 1950. Therefore, it’s hard for the bad guy who intends to drop a nuclear bombs, or launches a nuclear missiles to China like the U.S. did to Japan in the world war 2. Why? because China has the spy’s satellites flying around the globe for 24/24. However, China has a tons of nuclear missiles(short and long range); the missiles have a capability to wipe out of a large number of militaries and major cities as well. So, it’s not good an idea to mess up with China. I’m scare!!!

  6. Straight Talker says:

    People kill each other just because they are jealous and competitive. However, it seems, the global population have been over produced. Therefore, the economic crisis is all over the world. People have no job to work, no place to stay, and no food to eat. If the WW3 occurs, the population might thin out a bit. Then, hopefully, people will have a chance to find a better job, place, and food. ..

  7. Patti Simmons says:

    I have no idea if this will truly happen or not but let me tell you this: As God is my witness, if this war starts I help neither BUT if ANYONE comes to my house for the purpose of doing my family or me harm…….. nobody will EVER find the bodies

  8. Jon says:

    America nor china have an advantage in war. The chances of either succeeding is unlikely. Two words nuclear weapons! Once one sees defeat wat is to stop that country from raisin the bar.

  9. EndgameResetter says:

    Wish all the pawn realized the Impostor behind all the screen, To the China people, make a secret pact between opposition and government, dont fight among yourself, just acting only like you are fighting, but dont let the Nato involve and bomb your beautiful people and country, the Impostor just want to see the chaos, so just play the acting and let fool the Impostor once and for all.

  10. livefreeordietrying says:

    it’s happening, the world is going down the shit hole all because of a powerful and rich group of assholes. when are we the people of the world gonna do something about these issues. they are taking our freedoms and before we know it, we are gonna be put in concentration camps….when are we gonna eliminate these santinists with a bullet or a fight? the time is coming…

  11. Walker Richardson says:

    Fratelli, sono incoraggiato dalla nostra fede che nessuno solo che il nostro Santo Padre che sei nei cieli visite con la sua grazia e nel suo secondo sara devine suo destro sopra tutti gli altri e noi che abbiamo la nostra fede eterna fare durare dai segni tra di noi ora.

    In Gesu Cristo nostro salvatore nostro Santo Padre e Dio, Amen.

  12. ShiloXiu45 says:

    uhm if the US is planning to do this, then it would be a suicide mission and it really wouldn’t make any sens if they do that… :\

  13. you must be kidding. The US never fights a war with strong enemies, never ever. They only kill where they are million times stronger in soldiers and weapons. Check out history and see how it is really. Good joke, it will be more likely China hitting the US because the US doesnt pay its debt to China

  14. Reb McDaniel says:

    Well, if it happens China better not make land unless they nuke us all. No matter what the peopleof the US will not give up their arms, let alone let anyone invade.

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