US Army Basic Training – First Day


Fort Benning Television – The series begins with the very first day. From getting haircuts to basic issue, we follow the action of what it is like to go through Fort …


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  1. C.J. Love says:

    I'm going to the Army after the presidential election of this year

  2. Damn everything's so calm. Lucky

  3. Well that was very kind felt like my mom was there with me…

  4. Derek Lanham says:

    worsted place on earth

  5. I'm planning on going into the army next summer and something I'm probably gonna miss the most is my shaving kit.

    I know you get to shave in the army but I got a straight razor with the brush and little bowl to make the lather, pre-shave oil, and this really nice aftershave.

    I use it just about every day and it's one of the things I look forward to at the end of the day and I just feel like I'm pampering myself.

  6. lorderik237 says:

    After watching Marine Corps training, this looks like boy scouts.

  7. Hurry up and wait.  Reception is worse than basic, sooooooooooo boring, and sleepy really sleepy

  8. 1989 Ft. Benning OSUT Infantry 11B Sand Hill, C-6-1 [Charley Company-6th Bn-1st ITB (INFANTRY TRAINING BDE)]: YES, I graduated & STILL (27-YEARS LATER) have MY INFANTRY BLUE Shoulder Cord! What an HONOR! GOD, DUTY, COUNTRY.

  9. Jose Soliz says:

    So soft. Call that intensity? Weak

  10. Joe Scaletta says:

    Im thinking about joining really dont want to cut my hair tho

  11. Perchik says:

    Вам точно PIZDEC

  12. ca mo says:

    Such a beautiful video!! So many disenfranchised/poor minorities signing their bodies to the government to become enlisted obedient drones! God bless America

  13. Super Shafs says:

    Proud to be american

    But they do this?


  15. Kro Juarez says:

    Damn this seems easier than USMC..

  16. Jusy saying, as soon as you step foot in San Diego as a Marine, theres about 5 Drill Sergeants on your back like >:()

  17. Edwin Diaz says:

    u guys will call me drill sergeant

  18. K Williams says:

    Army boot camp look so easy, no one is yelling at them.  USMC is way tougher.

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