US could find itself at war with Russia over Syria: Mark Glenn

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Glenn, the Crescent & Cross Solidarity Movement in Idaho, about Syria and the upcoming US Congress vote for war on the country.
US could find itself at war with Russia over Syria Mark Glenn

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

The United States speaks of teaching Syria a lesson to hold it accountable for what it claims is chemical weapons use by the administration of Bashar al-Assad. Why isn’t there a case for America to be held accountable for the WMD’s it has used in over half a century?

Glenn: Absolutely. Leave it to the United States to utter such a completely hypocritical statement that another country another power has to be held accountable for using the same kinds of weapons or being accused of using the same kinds of weapons that the United States has literally been using now for 20 years; and not just the United States, but Israel as well.

Where are all the tears for the children of Gaza who were incinerated with banned weapons, just as Barack Obama stated in one of his recent press conferences, that the presidency of Bashar al-Assad has used banned weapons?

Where are all these tears, where are all these war preparation to be used against Israel for what Israel did during Operation Cast Lead where it killed several hundred children – it incinerated them with banned white phosphorous. So, as I said, leave it to the United States to utter such a hypocritical statement and to maintain such a hypocritical position as this.

On top of that the US speaks of having evidence of chemicals having been used by the Syrian government. Where is that proof then?

Glenn: Well, the proof is the same proof I suppose that Saddam Hussein was constructing weapons of mass destruction. It’s the kind of proof that they come up with in their own minds in order to justify their war crimes. There will be no such proof. I think back to the time when then Secretary of State Colin Powell went before the United Nations and gave this ridiculous presentation showing these supposed mobile chemical weapons factories that later were proved to be an absolute lie.

That in itself was a war crime the fact that the United States went before the world body and made this case based upon lies that resulted in millions of people being killed.

So we’ll never see the proof if anything happens. This is the way that the West works; this is the way that Israel works, “By way of deception we shall do war”.

In light of the fact that the US Congress might approve another war, on Syria, what will the consequences be of an illegal war, which the UN says if it happens without a UN mandate it will be illegal – what will be the consequences of such a war?

Glenn: The consequences would be further discrediting of the United States if we even have any credit left in terms of world opinion.

We would brand ourselves as a completely lawless state that has no respect whatsoever for any law international or whatever; but I would not withdraw the possibility that indeed the Congress will not approve this and Barak Obama will not go to war.

I realize at this time this sounds like a crazy thing when we look at all of the build up to war, but it is entirely possible that this thing has been ‘ginned up’ deliberately so that Barack Obama would be able to make for himself an easy exit out of a very difficult situation.

Look, we are staring down the barrel here against the Russians. It’s very possible that this thing, if it continues in Syria the way that it has been, that we could find ourselves going to war against Russia.

I think Barack Obama is looking for an out and I think it is entirely possible that the jig is up i.e. it’s already been arranged that there will be no attack on Syria and that Obama may go before the world body and more importantly before Benyamin Netanyahu and to say, look we tried, but the rule of law has spoken here and I cannot engage in military activities outside of a Congressional declaration of war. So, I wouldn’t leave this out of the possibility, there is still hope.

Do you think Obama will take that into consideration of what you’ve said, in his Tuesday night speech?

Glenn: I think that what is going to happen is that Congress is going to have to say ‘no’ to this at which point Obama will have his exit in this very difficult situation where he will be able to go not just in front of the American people, but in front of the entire world and more importantly in front of Benyamin Netanyahu and to say well we tried, but the rule of law has spoken and I think if Congress does not give him the authorization that he appears to be desiring that I don’t think that there will be any attacks on Syria.


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  1. 5 War Veteran says:

    Russians do not want war with America. They only want the idiots taken out of office and replaced with balanced individuals capable of thinking on their own instead of following a Zionist Agenda.

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