US Is Hostile, Can Pak Military See This?

Pakalert July 30, 2010 3

Will ‘PakMil’ Recognize The Real Foe?

How can we have information and intelligence-sharing with a country that has systematically done and continues to do a hatchet job on our premier intelligence agency and Pakistan military? It is time for Pakistan to sever its links and cooperation with the US.


Thursday, 29 July 2010.


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—From our nuclear program to the ISI, there is a continuous ongoing war being waged on us by the US. It may not be a military war but it has economic, political, diplomatic and psychological components. What is simply absurd is why the “PakMil” – a term Admiral Mike Mullen has coined to show his intimacy with General Kayani and is used only by him when he meets the COAS apparently – is not seeing the ground realities?

Instead of the ISPR issuing press releases now suddenly condemning the drone attacks in an attempt to fool the Pakistani nation, when they know only too well that these are being carried out with the support of the Pakistan civil and military leadership, the military should take a long hard look at what the US is doing to Pakistan on all fronts. If the Pakistani government, including the military, sees the drones as doing more harm than good, why do they remain complicit in this policy? Should they not send a clear message to the US by downing one of these drones?


The evidence is piling up showing US hostile intent and effectively the US itself is becoming less of a friend – if ever it was – and more of an enemy. Even if we feel that is too drastic a conclusion, it is certainly a hostile player from Pakistan’s perspective. So before we lose everything to the Indo-US nexus, let us alter our dynamics with the US and treat it as a hostile state. The US is in a quandary and we are its only way out. Let us use this tiny window of opportunity to assert our national interests and deal with the US on our terms while it remains in its Afghan quagmire. Let General Kayani see who the real foe is – in military terms at least – and the rulers rid themselves of particularistic interests to see the real foe in politico-diplomatic terms before it is too late.


It is ISI bashing time again and this comes easy for the American and Indian media especially, but also for the media at home since the ISI has figured as a larger than life organization since the US-led war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. And undoubtedly the ISI has at times been highly controversial in the activities it has undertaken especially domestically. Both during the period of civilian democracy and military rule, the ISI has been used by those in power and even today the ruling party is not devoid of this temptation, unfortunately.

Of course, like all intelligence agencies with an external agenda, such as CIA and RAW, the ISI has its own external agenda. But it needs to also be understood that the ISI is not an independent entity and the decision-making hierarchy of the organization comes on routine postings from the military, primarily the army. So its external activities reflect the policies of the government, but especially the military.

Be that as it may, post-9/11, the ISI has had to pay for its past sins in seeing itself demonized by US and India – even though the former is supposed to be an ally of this country.

Every time the chips are down for the US in Afghanistan, somehow or the other the ISI is lambasted by “leaks” to the Western, especially the compliant US media. It would appear that CIA’s failures, as well as the US and NATO military failures, are all a result solely of the ISI. Now if only the ISI was really so effective, efficient and powerful, India’s occupation of Kashmir would have ended and Afghanistan’s future would have been molded according to its desires.

Unfortunately, that is not the case and the ISI is as riddled with inefficiencies as any large bureaucratic organization is, but undoubtedly, it has better ground intelligence in this region than the US and its CIA since the latter has a blunderbuss approach to human intelligence gathering and has no sensitivity to nuances of any kind.

The latest round of ISI bashing rather obviously sponsored by the CIA to hide its own failures in Afghanistan, once again, has come with the WikiLeaks’ story. Apart from The Guardian newspaper which showed some healthy skepticism about the leaked information, for the biased US media like The New York Times this was a journalistic feast – enough to feed the deep-seated anti-Muslim and especially anti-Pakistan bias that now dominates the American media.

One has to concede that WikiLeaks itself is credible anti-war site. But what the media has done in terms of factual distortions of even these unverifiable leaks is dangerous and cannot simply be ignored by Pakistan because we are once again the targets.

1.       First of all, the leaked documents are based entirely on field reports filed by a variety of operatives in Afghanistan, allegedly primarily belonging to the Northern Alliance.

2.      Second, out of the 92,000 leaked documents, only 180 contain ISI references and of these only 30 mention the ISI in negative terms regarding Taliban-supporting activities. Third, of these 180 documents with references to the ISI, most of these reports have a disclaimer by the author at the end where the source was referred to simply as an “informant” and it was stated that this source was either not reliable or working only for monetary gains for either the Afghan intelligence, Indians or Afghan warlords! Or else the source was referred to simply by initials! Interestingly where the ISI is mentioned, it also states in the disclaimer that the information cannot be verified and therefore cannot be “used to make policies” (all this is on the website). So where does that leave the actual content of these leaked reports?

3.      Officials in Pakistan are convinced that the CIA, when it found out about the leaks, sought to divert the expansive details of its own failures in Afghanistan by shifting the focus on to the ISI – a favorite bete noir of the Western media.

According to WikiLeaks the source for the leaked documents sought to prevent the publication of some of them for fear of sensitive information! There is also a feeling in some quarters that the CIA has deliberately chosen to once again target the ISI because of the rising anti-war tide within the US. Most observers in the know now recognize that the US and NATO have lost the war militarily in Afghanistan and bad intelligence is certainly one of the causes. So what better way to escape blame than to put everything on the ISI. The timing of the “leaks” is not without purpose.

This is a slightly edited version of the original op-ed published by The Nation. Reach Dr. Mazari at

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  1. Salman August 17, 2010 at 9:32 pm - Reply

    Well many pakistani govt/politicians are american cock suckers. I bet you offer open green cards to pakistani military and large majority would love to abandon pakistan. Unfortunately, pakistan is a country without a nation. Nations like Iran are much more respectable whose leaders are fearless

  2. hotstuff August 10, 2010 at 10:27 pm - Reply

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    Jews ALWAYS were the creators of ALL wars !
    Their Terrorist World media is a Major weapon to do That to Us Every time again !

    Raping and Brainwashing Our Children at Kindergartens and elementaries An Other Major weapon of influence!
    hotstuff says:
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    August 10, 2010 at 10:06 pm

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  3. Lucky Saint Luis July 31, 2010 at 11:42 pm - Reply

    First of all you smart Pakistan writers pay attention to the descover of the utmost richest mineral deposit of whole Asia sitting right below your feets. Dont you trust nobody anymore, dont you swap sides like prostitutes anymore, there is no truth on no side but 20 hawks coming from 20 different sides and all is about this which shows to be the biggest reserve including subground of Afghanistan for the entire asian region. You MUST disclose this to the wide human population worldwide and you may earn enough friends to stop high finance power play in its origin behind the FED. Unbelieveable you still go on and promote political thoughts or even religious thoughts. WE HUMANITY WORLDWIDE got the same and ONLY enemy, sitting in the speculative flesh and blood initiated by greed and possesive sick humans. Those representatives sitting as much in your government like in any other including USA, WHEN do you understand this finally?

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