US Is Waging War Against The Wrong Country


By Kourosh Ziabari
Freelance Journalist And Media Correspondent, Iran

Tittle-tattles regarding the possibility of a military strike against Iran are being renewed these days. President Obama, to whom I still wonder why the Nobel Peace Prize has gone, is confessing that former President Bush was right in his belief that Iran poses a serious threat to the international community. Russia is cowardly retreating from its position, joining the rest of world’s tyrannical powers who favor the imposition of new sanctions against Iran. All of this being fueled by Israel and AIPAC and the American corporate media which are laying the groundwork to forcefully shape public opinion, convincing the world that Iran is the most dangerous country in the Middle East and should be disarmed as soon as possible, otherwise it may attack Israel and ‘wipe it off the map.’

All of what’s happening right now resonates with the developments which we’ve been witness to two years before the invasion of Iraq. The New York Times is replaying the exact unpleasant scenario it had devised to convince us that the late dictator Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction. History is being repeated once again and Iran is now subject to backbreaking, multilateral psychological warfare in addition to the previously-running economic embargo.

The very fact that Iran is still standing on its own feet demonstrates the powerful will and strong capability of this nation; however, what’s really happening behind the scenes? What will happen if U.S. or its Middle East subordinate, Israel, attack Iran?

* Who made Saddam out of Saddam?

Even a 7-year-old child could easily distinguish that Saddam Hussein, who was deplorably executed by the U.S. in 2006, was a marionette of the very same United States that waged and imposed the 8-year proxy war on the newborn Iran of post-revolution days, taking the life of more than 350,000 people human beings relentlessly. Comically, this is the very same United States that perpetually drums its commitment to “human” rights and brands the other countries human right violator. Weren’t those 350,000 Iranian people human beings?

In his 1991 book “The Death Lobby: How the West Armed Iraq”, Kenneth R. Timmerman implies that U.S. should have sought a new puppet in the Middle East once its crony, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was ousted overnight by the Iranian people who could not tolerate their country being a pawn of the foreign powers: “Islamic revolution in Iran upset the entire strategic equation in the region.

America’s principle ally in the Gulf, the Shah, was swept aside overnight, and no one else on the horizon could replace him as the guarantor of U.S. interests in the region”. So, they sought refuge in Iraq’s dictator and promised to support him unconditionally, provided that the dictator also sticks to his pledge of paralyzing the Iranian revolution.

In 1982, Iraq was suddenly removed from the U.S.-fabricated list of State Sponsors of Terrorism, demonstrating the falsehood and baselessness of the list. At the outset, nobody figured out that what could lead a country to be qualified to the list of States not-Sponsoring Terrorism at once; however, everything made known progressively.

President Ronald Reagan dispatched Donald Rumsfeld as his special envoy to Saddam Hussein so as to restore ties with the former “State Sponsor of Terrorism”. Two cordial meetings between Rumsfeld and Saddam took place in 1983 and 1984 where they reached different agreement over the supports U.S. would provide to Iraq as to the artilleries, ballistic missiles, aviation facilities and intelligence services. Iraqi troops received tactical battlefield advice and advanced military training along with unconventional warfare schemes which were exclusive to U.S. Department of State doctrine of defense.

However, United States did not even spare sending chemical weapons to Iraq so as to be dropped on the roofs of human beings’ houses. This was another representation of United States’ commitment to human rights. In May 1994, a report by the U.S. Senate Banking Committee disclosed that “pathogenic (disease producing), toxigenic (poisonous), and other biological research materials were exported to Iraq pursuant to application and licensing by the U.S. Department of Commerce.”

A British expert of biological weapons and former UN inspector of chemical weapons to Iraq, David Kelly, confirmed that “Iraq purchased 8 strains of anthrax from the United States in 1985”.

Anyway, U.S. did whatever it was capable of, in order to fortify and strengthen a dictator who could never foresee, even in his dreams that will be shortly eradicated by the very people with whom he shook hands affectionately.

A 2003 May report by the “LA Weekly” published a list of 41 American companies that assisted Saddam in his mission to destroy Iran and bring down the Islamic Revolution which ended in the elimination of a U.S.-backed king. Interestingly, Caterpillar Inc, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Carl Zeiss and Phillips Exports were among these companies that the LA Weekly listed.

As an instance, NRM Corp. “supplied $3,310,485 worth of tire-manufacturing machines and $950,000 worth of presses and accessories to Iraq’s State Establishment for Heavy Engineering Equipment”. One may wonder whether Saddam could have practically employed all of the facilities, apparatuses and facilities he received from a total of 150 foreign companies, introduced by the German newspaper “Die Tageszeitung”; however, the conclusion might be that the Western world consciously elevated Saddam to the position of an invincible and indomitable tyrant and then decided to being him down all at once.

*The story of Iran

Iran is a different country. It endeavors to maintain its difference and distinctiveness. Iranian people don’t need a foreign supremacist to decide for them. Even if a devastating civil war happens in Iran and different political groups quarrel with together severely, they won’t for good seek refuge in foreign saviors to help them, because the history of Iran’s developments demonstrates the fact that foreign powers have not ever come to Iran with goodwill and pure intention. A relentless enemy which is already busy with the bloodshed it has mounted in Palestine possesses 200 nuclear warheads that are targeted towards Iran while the “human rights” activists continue keeping silent.

Iran is a country of peace. Literature and culture is intertwined with every piece of an Iranian citizen’s life. Iran is home to one of the world’s ancient civilizations along with Roman Empire and Hellenic Empire.

I’m personally opposed to any kind of weaponry; whether it’s chemical, nuclear whatsoever. If all of the countries in the world put their military and armed forces aside, no war will take place and nobody will lose his life; however, we all now that such austere statements can be exclusively the ambitions of a primary school student who sees his surrounding word with the eyes of innocence and purity.

If Israel’s “right of existence” and “right to self-defense” is important, then Iran’s right of “peace and tranquility” is important, as well.

As John Pilger implies in his recent article, go and seek the nuclear stockpiles of Israel, not Iran, because you don’t find anything of worth in the nuclear power plants of Iran; nevertheless, if you are adventurous and are highly interested in excitement, Israel has much more to offer to you.

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  1. Vee says:

    If the us is letting china drill for oil in the gulf, then Obama knows of this
    and if the people knew of this, they would have his head on a platter before
    Dark Thirty.

  2. Abdallah Jan says:

    You wrote:

    “The religious fanaticism that the world sees is leading to greater and greater resentment by people’s of the world as they see religion as the greatest threat to world stability and their way of life”.

    The religion or message is same, taught by all the Messengers of GOD, that there is only ONE GOD and no other. That is the message of Islam in nut shell.
    That makes all the prophets as Muslims. Moses never called his followers as Jews. Jesus never called his followers as Christians; likewise Muhammad never called his followers as Muhammaden. Any person who believes in ONE GOD and all the Messengers are Muslims. The term means one that has submitted himself/herself to the will of GOD and thereby has attained peace with his LAWS.
    The Torah does not exist and when it did, was not followed, but they followed the man made Babylonian era Talmud. It did not attract new conversion due to its absurdity and obscenity. Nebuchadnezzar though Pagan was so disgusted with this practice that he had some of its followers expelled to Europe. The only converts it got were the Khazars, due to its ethno/ centric factor, which made GOD as biased and color blind (Nauzo-Billah….means we seek refuge with GOD of this Blasphemy). In it GOD was shown as ‘Revengeful GOD’ and always angry. This is extreme………..

    The Gospel does not exist, as thousands of manuscript were burnt/destroyed by the Pagan Emperor Constantine and made the gospel of Paul as canon and official. The Mediterranean had no objection in replacing ‘Zeus’ with ‘Jesus’ godhead in the trinity format because that what they followed to begin with provided they change the Sabbath to Sunday.
    In they allege GOD as always Merciful no matter what you do and/or how evil. This religion was spread through sword. The Catholic Church massacred 100 million Unitarian Christians in Europe, including the Goth, Visigoths and Vandals (Vandals are wrongfully labeled in negative way). Likewise the Christians massacred 150 million Native American for God willed it. The Bible is very confusing and self contradictory. In spite the violent historical past the popes and pastors say the bible preaches peace and forgiveness, yet when you read, it’s to the contrary. For eg. Jesus says in Luke 19:27
    “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.”
    Most of Christians is unaware of this verse which is most violent and besides some verses are real pornographic. GOD is neither (Nauzo-Billah)………..This is extreme.
    Hence the Church is loosing the audience. People just do not believe them any more. There are other abuses that go on in the Churches, that people have become sick of, and thereby abandoned them altogether.

    What have the people got left?…………..ISLAM.
    Islam teaches you, that you are accountable for your deeds. Good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds are punished. But if you repent and ask for forgiveness, GOD will forgive. There is no mediatory between human and GOD. Human has direct access to GOD. Islam does not believe in Clergy. Qur’an is made simple to understand and every body has the access to Qur’an and it is obligatory upon the Muslims to teach its family and then those who are ignorant of the message. It urges the humankind to use its intellect with different sciences and realize HIS existence and worship HIM ALONE, if one needs to be successful on Earth and above (afterlife). Is there any wonder that Islam is fastest growing religion in the world. The moment one build Mosque any where, it fills up with worshipers. 2/3 of new reverts are women in USA and Europe……. So here is the danger…for Churches….and Synagogues….
    How to stop this fast growth?…….Besides loosing tax free money in terms of donation, Muslims might become the head of State democratically.
    One way is to do propaganda against it. Demonize it through all the available means….Through Media…..False Flag Ops….Black Ops….blame it to Muslims and invade the Muslim Countries. Blow up their Mosques, like two Brits, dressed in Arab garb, blew up a mosque in Iraq to blame it on ethnic group thus, invoking hatred to other ethnic group and let them fight each other and then Blast it in western Media. Their propaganda is very effective; it can make them look like savages and volatile, thus your comment about young Islam:
    “They let their more younger volatile brother, Islam, carry out all that extremism
    that they were famous for”.

    Recently the Brits has been training their forces in Britain to target practice on Mosque replica made of cardboard with green dome, they (forces) are about to placed in Afghanistan. Thus they want to invoke the Muslim anger, so they can destroy Churches in Muslim countries, which in turn will invoke western anger and consent to give a fatal and final blow to Muslim countries.

    Is this new?….After the expiry of Kingdom of Salomon (pbuh) the Jews have dreamed of this great empire. But what they forgot is this. The promise was only made to Solomon. No other nation will ever have the same empire as comparable to Solomon (pbuh).

    Why was Jesus rejected by Jews?……..Because when asked, Jesus told the Rabbis and Pharisees that “The Prophet” that will demise the Roman Empire will come from the tribe of Ishmael and not Isaac (pbut). This was the parting point. Jews rebuked and pelted Jesus but were saved by Nazarene, Maccabees, Essene and Tribes of Afghana and Pithon (These tribes now form core of Afghanistan/part of Pakistan and are lost tribe of Israel but now Muslims). And sure enough, as prophesied, Caliph Omar Bin Khattab army defeated both the Romans and Persian. Jesus had blasted their dream of the Great Empire, the like of Solomon Empire, ruled by Israelite Prophet.

    This was the same reason Saul of Tarsus (Paul) persecuted the followers of Jesus. Paul was a member of the order of Benjamin, founded by Hillel, the grandfather of Jesus and order consisting of Pharisees, who adopted an ascetic discipline while remaining in public life. They were philosophers, teachers of Herod princes. Paul as Saul, was alleged to have been instructed by Gamaliel, a decedent of Hillel. One day, Saul vowed, he would rid the mission of such compromisers, ensuing that the purest form of Judaism was taught. Only then would come the day, promised by GOD through Prophesy, when the Romans would be wiped off the face of the earth and the Jewish world empire would prevail.

    All the staged engineered events at the moment are directed to same agenda. All the roads leads to Jerusalem. The Khazars dream will shatter, its only matter of but short time. Time is not on their side.
    Al-Aqsa is a 1st Qibla of Muslims. Muslims believe in all the prophets from Abraham line as Muslims revere and love them. Muslims live and die for Islam. They do not care for any thing else except love and fear of GOD. The reward is Paradise in the afterlife, as for the Satanist, extreme warm summer 24/7 is awaiting with boiling water for thirst and foul meat full of thorns and puss for their hunger, to eternity.
    So do you think they are smart? How bodly they are going towards their eternal doom.

    Coming back to your first quote above. Your are correct 100%. And I have provided you the reasons why they (secret cabalist societies) are brainwashing the gullible and simpleton.

    They have 20 months to enslave all the Muslim Countries. By the progress they have made in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Palestine and Lebanon so far, I doubt very much. They have yet not tamed the Afghans (9 years) forget the rest. All their idiotic Pagan or Satanist or Biblical Prophesies is doomed and then say…………HELLO to ISLAM……GOD Willing……….

    But I appreciate your concerns for the Humanity very much and May GOD bless you.


  3. Shadoe says:

    You all have no idea what you are talking about…. or you wouldn’t be talking about it.
    Let whats to come arrive, there’s no stopping anything your not involved it.
    Of course the U.S is at war with the wrong country its what they want for what they think is right and what they have the power to do (Need i mention who they are) for everything they tell you there gonna do for the world (country). there also doing th9ings behind the scenes that hurt it for there own issue’s and by “They” i mean all of them:”/(

  4. ABADDON says:

    Abdallah Jan
    My comments were not inspired by Alex Jones, even though I agree with much he says. There is an attack taking place on The Catholic Church, the heart of so-called “Christianity.” The Jews have always been looked upon with much hatred and suspicion, so taking the three major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, that have exercised great influence over world affairs for millenia. There are ominous signs that religion is now the target for elimination. Judaism had its time of greatness, then Christianity took over and followed a similiar path of conquest, their bloody histories are there for all to see. Now in this modern age Islam has taken over where its older brothers, Judaism and Christianity, have more or less taken a back seat. With their long experience they sit in the shadows controlling matters,while they let their more younger volatile brother, Islam, carry out all that extremism that they were famous for, as they now by stealth influence world affairs. Remember you are ALL part of the world council of churches, you ALL come from the same stable.
    The exposure of these religions are taking on a greater momentum in this modern age of the information super highway, religions past is coming back to haunt it, for it has much to hide. The “Christian,” western world is in reality more secular than religious, religion is taking more and more of a back seat as people everywhere are abandoning it. The religious fanaticism that the world sees is leading to greater and greater resentment by people’s of the world as they see religion as the greatest threat to world stability and their way of life.
    Is it better to live under political extremism or religious extremism, I’m afraid religion will lose every time. The final outrage will eventually turn people against ALL religion, and Islam will be the fuse to set it all off.

  5. Abdallah Jan says:

    @ ABADDON……..Yes I am aware of Alex Jones prediction of another false flag operation that Netanyahoo planned directing the blame towards Muslims as was with 9/11, 7/7, Spain and Mumbai. Your warning also remind me of one Mr. B. Cohen statement, ‘The jihadi and the fighting spirit of Muslims is the only stumbling block, before we take the whole world by its forelocks’.

    We also know that Muslims would be slaughtered by Millions as was Prophesied by the Messenger of Islam in his traditions. We also depend on Allah for relief, after all Allah is mightier than Lucifer and his followers. We also know that the Mecca and Medina is beyond the reach of the NWO. They can combine their human and Luciferenian forces, yet Mecca and Medina is beyond their reach. This was the promise to Abraham and Muhammad (pbut) by the CREATOR of the Universe. Allah will take away the superior tech advantage they possess due to some natural phenomenon, plus the Mahdi uniting the Muslims and Jesus (pbuh) leading the charge will save the remaining Muslims. The advantage factor loss is stated in Qur’an and as you know Muslims have absolute faith in GOD and His Message Qur’an.

    But thanks for your response, I have been studying this very subject since 1996 and am of opinion that even though we Muslim may be killed, true life, however starts after death. Those who plan this carnage, has also to face death eventually. Their future afterlife is sad, to say the least.

  6. ABADDON says:

    Abdallah Jan The NWO is about “to set up” Islam as the guilty party in a coming “terrorist act” of the most outrageous nature, that will turn the people’s of the earth against all that is Islam. Muslims are about to become a rare species, that hatred is already there, fuelled by the worlds media,which is controlled by the NWO. That hatred is going to be directed by the NWO at Islam, as Islam is the main obstacle to their global goals. This global animosity of Islam has been carefully managed over the last two decades, and now Islam is ready to be sacrificed on the global altar of the NWO’s agenda. What this means for their mosques and religious shrines and all that is Islam is disturbing to contemplate. It will become like Babylon of old, a desolate waste, a threat to no one.

  7. Abdallah Jan says:

    I agree with the below comments and want to add that its too late for American citizen to respond against NWO agenda as they had few centuries head start. They control every thing on earth. They can poison your food and water. They can poison the air U breathe. They can kill you without U knowing. They control the most lethal weapon system the world has ever known. Nukes are weapon of old. Its usage devastate the land. They want to keep land safe. They just want to kill people and they have the means for it. We all know that Iran and China’s people are civilized and none of them have attacked any foreign Countries. We also know that Israel wants the land between two rivers, so the end justifies the means. Russia and West have similar agenda, they both constitute the biblical Agog & Magog. Their target is Islam and not Israel. Even though the Muslims are facing the murderous onslaught by Israel, West and Russia, yet the future for all non-muslims are bleak. Why…..?…..They are under state of shock and unbelief and thus become incompetent and helpless. Muslims on the other hand had known the present and future thanks to the Qur’an and Hadiths and therefore the fierce resistance with low tech means and yet giving a headache to NWO.

  8. ABADDON says:

    Silkworm. I think you are responding to someone else’s comment, for your reply is incoherent and out of touch with my comments. Where am I advocating “white power?” I am stating an opinion as regards the GLOBALISTS goals of a NWO, and that Iran is a threat, a maverick, in their quest to bring ALL nations into this global, international community, NWO, call it what you will. The nuclear arguement is a different issue, the more they talk about nuclear disarmament the MORE nations have become nuclear. The more they talk peace, wars increase, I look at the global picture without prejudice or bias, what I see is world war three, and nobody, and I mean nobody can stop what is coming. Whether it is Iran, Iraq, Israel. or mickey mouse that is the fuse to start ww3 is immaterial. ALL the evidence points to a world conflagration that will surpass all wars that have preceeded it. Man is about to become as rare as refined gold. There is no “white” supremacy in that statement just a factual observation of the inevitable that is about to affect ALL nations to their injury. Many nations HAVE weapons of mass destruction, not like Saddam Hussein, plus OVER 500 nuclear power stations spread across the planet, just ONE of those has to be destroyed in a nuclear war, and we know that many more than that will be destroyed emitting radiation on a colossal scale. You are worried about the right to exist by those nations you mention, you fail to see that ALL mens existence is now in jeopardy, you are blinded by prejudice, be it political, religious or both. The global situation is building up into a critical mass, the law of physics is about to take over. Man NEVER learns, he just learns how to be MORE destructive.

  9. mok says:

    I have great respect,for,the American minority,who are striving for justice,aware of the Zionist cancer of the world,manipulating world governments(from,USA,Britain,France),Israel working hand in hand,with Saudi Zionist government,to destroy:Iran.Syria,Lebanon,Pakistan,Sudan,Somalia.What I love about them,they speak out,and work for it,putting their lives in danger,for sake of waking up the masses.Specially the Arab masses,who are helping the tyrants,to grow,beside Saudis,Moroccan leader,(zionist jew by birth,from Anita,his unlawful jewish mother).Only the Masses,can save this world,once they can properly distinguish their true enemy,the Zionistes, their secret societies’s backers,and their slave governments. Huge task to achieve,but is possible,with unity. (Thanks to sites,like PakAlert,American,Arab,German,and some south American Activists (overall the masses still duped be the destructive official media).

  10. Silkworm says:

    ABBADON, you mean to say that Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan , Somalia, and all Central Asian States have no right to exist.

    This is pretty volatile statement, BUT before going for Iran, how about checkin’ out Israel and its nuclear assetts????

    And If USA’s nuclear stockpile in NOT a danger to the world, how come Iran and Pakistan’s nuclear assetts are??? And how about asking India to dismantle its nuclear weapons and buy veggies with it?

    As long as people like you whose favorite slogan is “White Power” exists in this world, and whose ignorance is mixed with arrogance, AWE ARE GONE BOY.

  11. . International terrorist plot

    Communist torturers, mercenaries, terrorists, dissidents and agents of foreign governments organize and protect US-ISRAEL, GERMANY, RUSSIA, ITALY, UK, Japan, Holland and other plot for 20 years for looting and destruction of Romania.


    In 1989 Romania was the attention of international terrorist organizations and criminal Zionist Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group led by Donald Rumsfeld, George Shultz, Richard Holbrocke, Keith Alexander, David Rockefeller, Albert Rothschild, Henry Kissinger and others.


    Mercenaries, terrorists, communists, agents secret military support of the US-Israel, Russia, France and others for terrorist actions, popular revolts and coups.
    Radio Free Europe

    7. Hitlerism, Communism and terrorism BY Zionism

    Military attacks and terrorist attacks on the surface of the Earth are caused by world Zionism, through NATO, GRU, CIA, Mossad, SAS, FSB-KGB, DST, MAD, Cesis and others, economic and political destabilization for Colonization HEBREW worldwide.

    Jews murderers from the communist
    Jews are criminal and torturers of the Romanian people especially in 1944-1964 PERIOD
    WORLD Zionism attacked ROMANIA in 1989 and 20 years rob and Destroy ROMANIA.

  12. Percy says:

    Here, this one is better, it has over 2 million hits from those of us in support of Iran.

  13. Percy says:

    Oops, I forgot to leave you with this about what is going on in support of Iran here in the USA. Please watch this video and know that many Americans believe that Israel has killed more Americans intentionally than all the muslim countries put together. So we know who our enemy really is.

    Also know that if one single American soldier dies becaause of the attack on Iran, then Israel will be at war with us and we will be at war with the bankers and foreign occupying nations who have couped our government.

  14. Percy says:

    (Pakalert, I am very happy to have you back again. I love your site and hope you get back to daily offerings. Thanks so much for your very good work)

    This is not about Iran being extremist, this is about Israel expanding their land, influence and control over the middle east. That is all its about. Remember, The president of Iran was born of Jewish parents, the country of Iran holds more Jews than any middle east country and generationally, outside of Israel, so its like Iraq.

    ITS ALL BOGUS. Iran has attacked no one IN OVER 360 YEARS. If Israel and the USA attack Iran they are guilty ONCE AGAIN of war crimes. People will eventually be brought to justice for it, ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. WE here in the US have decided that if one American soldier dies because of any attack on Iran we the people will declare war on Israel and US bankers. Israel has killed more people in the US than all the muslim countries put together. USS LIBERTY, THE USS COLE, 9-11, FBI senior agent O’Neil, and others using the Domestic assassination squad of Cheney’s CIA and Mossad.

    Once the bankers get control of Iran and her Oil Bourse which is driving Rothschild crazy because its competing with the Rothschilds London Oil Bourse and thus Rothschild no longer has complete control over the oil flow, prices and markets, internationally, then they will squeeze the planet out of every ounce of wealth it has, thus relegating the population into slaves in order to pay for that oil.

    Iran also has billions of dollars in gold bullion that the international bankers want and will take when they gain control of that country, just like they did in Iraq.

    You cannot globalize until you have all countries on the same currency standards and in this case, FIAT CURRENCY BACKED BY NOTHING, in order to extract the wealth of the planet as they did in the US. Now you know the REAL REASON FOR THIS WAR. Iran and Iraq were on the gold standard and that had to change. Remember, the first people into Iraq once Hostilities were over were not the oil companies, it was the IMF AND WORLD BANK. That is what all this is really all about.

  15. ABADDON says:

    Iran is the right country as far as the globalists are concerned. It is a rogue state, out of harmony with the “International Community.” Like South Africa, she will be brought into line, either by sanctions, or miltary means, or both. Iran is being isolated more and more, as most of the middle east have succumbed to the NWO. Iraq, and Afghanistan and Pakistan are also being subdued. To allay Chinese fears about their oil supplies, the US has opened up oil exploration off the east coast of the US, and in the Gulf, to Chinese oil drilling companies. Russia is now a huge exporter of oil and gas. These countrie are not going to jeopardise their countries for an extremist muslim one, that is becoming more isolated by THE international community, as the globalists propaganda machine the main stream media, blacken Iran as a global nuclear menace. Forget about the rights and wrongs of it all, those in power have an agenda, and reason is not on it.

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