US Shuts Down New York City Airspace Over UFO ‘Threat’


A bizarre report prepared by the Federal Aviation Authority of the Russian Federation (FAA) on the “unexpected” closure by the United States of all the airspace over New York City yesterday says it was due to a “UFO flap” and was the cause of Air Berlin flight AB 8357 from Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport being delayed for nearly 2 hours from its landing at its expected arrival time of 1700 UTC (1:00PM Local EDT) at John F. Kennedy Airport, that cities largest International airport.

According to American propaganda media reports of this most strange incident occurring in the skies over Chelsea, New York (a neighborhood of Manhattan)“callers began phoning the NYPD and Federal Aviation Administration at 1:30 p.m. with reports of the strange, silver objects high in the sky.”

Video posted on the Internet of this incident further describes a “group of mysterious shiny objects floating high over Manhattan’s West Side”, which coincidentally occurred at the same exact time the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) closed all the airspace over New York City, and as we can, in part, read as reported by the CBS News Service:

“The FAA website reported earlier that all three New York airports have halted takoffs and landings due to fumes, smoke and odors at the regional air traffic control center.  New York TRACON controls the airspace above John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia Airport. Reported departure delays are about one hour, while arrivals are delayed about 30 to 45 minutes.”

Interesting to note is that New York City joins China in having a major airport closed due to UFO’s this week when two luminous objects appeared in the skies over northwestern Taiyuan in Shanxi Province on October 11th, the second such incident to occur since earlier this month when another airport was closed in Inner Mongolia after also being said to have been interfered with by a UFO.

Even more interesting to note was the prediction made last month by a former North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) officer about yesterday’s mass New York City UFO sighting, and as we can, in part, read:

“A newly-published 352-page book by a retired Air Force officer, Stanley A. Fulham, tentatively predicts October 13, 2010 as the date for a massive UFO display over the world’s principal cities. According to the author, the aliens will neither land nor communicate on that date; they are aware from eons of experience with other planets in similar conditions their sudden intervention would cause fear and panic.”

Bringing this incident into even further examination is a Russian Space Forces (VKS) addendum to this FAA report noting that yesterday’s New York City UFO sighting follows by nearly an exact year the mass UFO sighting that occurred in Pelham, New York [photo 2nd left] on October 25, 2009, a distance from Chelsea of barely 67 kilometers (42 miles) of exactly the same type of extraterrestrial crafts.

Even more important to note is this VKS addendum’s pointing out Chelsea’s and Pelham’s closeness to the New York village of Shoreham on Long Island (the former being 135 kilometers (84 miles), the latter being 102 (64 miles) that was home to the mysterious Wardenclyffe Tower built over a century ago by, perhaps, the greatest mind of the 20th Century, Nikola Tesla.

The importance of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower to the UFO events occurring over New York City this past year lays it its being the first apparatus to produce an electrical discharge of sufficient energy to leave our Planets atmosphere, and which to any alien civilization monitoring our Earth 100 years ago would surely have been noted as a significant event worthy of further notice, if not outright examination by exploration to its exact New York Long Island site.

Though the American propaganda media apparatus has, and as always, gone into overdrive in their attempt to convince their citizens not to believe what they have actually seen with their own eyes, one of China’s top scientists has taken a more scientific and honest approach to the growing UFO phenomenon now occurring on an almost daily basis.


According to Wang Sichao, a planetary astronomer at the Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as he told the Beijing Review, “First, I’d like to say something about the conception of great events about UFOs, it does not mean large numbers of UFOs but refers to events of credible facts backed by observation. But these facts cannot yet be explained by existing scientific knowledge or natural phenomena.”


For the American people, however, there appears to be no need to seek such knowledge and as evidenced by the New York Daily News photograph in their lead article on yesterday’s mass UFO sighting where they deliberately posted a photograph of ballons [top photo left] seeming to depict what witnesses saw, but captioned in very small print with the words, “Mysterious shiny objects like this one sparked wild speculation of UFOs floating over Manhattan’s West Side.”

To what the full importance of these mass UFO events occurring the United States and China may be it is not to our knowing, other than to point out the obvious need for those in authority to tell whatever they know, even fearful ones, so that all may know truth they so rightfully deserve.

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  1. GrayHunter says:

    The objects seen in New York City where Alien Craft, I know because I have been observing and photographing them since 2007, when they came in mass numbers. They move in groups like bees in a hive and appear from a distance to look like balloons due to the flipping horizontally on their axis creating a plasma shield of charged energy, that gaves them the appearance of a glowing balloons or balls in the daytime ( the usual color is white, red, blue, yellow and green which is the color they turn when they are going to attack.) At night they will appear as a star that pulsates also what sometimes appears to look like a string hanging from a balloon in reality is electric discharge going to ground. I have had contact with them and I assure you they are real and highly intelligent, right now they are controlling our air space all over the world and the FAA & VKS all of them know it. And the pliots that fly our jets and planes know it too, they see these lights some people call foo fighters. They are everything you ever dreamed of and more they are our myths and legend, they are Bad.

  2. alan says:

    This writer is daffy. There are many balloon sellers wandering the streets of Manhattan and one of them let their days wages take off from them. The closure of the airports may warrant further investigation but the images here are BALLOONS. Get some sense in your head.

  3. how can you expect mainstream press is made by truth seeking and truth reporting people? they build up hysteria on demand and against hard cash only, so how to charge extra dimensional visitors to earth?

    • chris8899 says:

      main stream press truth seekers thats a good one. main stream press are propiganda machines and release news wicththe govt will alow reported.the real truth is suprressed and covered up by mainstream media.air space doesnt get closed for balloons

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