USA advance its army to Russia after This Statement by Putin World War 3


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  1. Your Self says:

    The music is distracting and how the hell do you know ww3 will happen as soon as you're suggesting?

  2. Black People says:

    Waste of damn time

  3. www=world wide Web
    ww3=world War 3
    do u get it?

  4. Saturn666 says:

    Take a look at the Mandela Effect, this is actually happening. Quantum computers are changing our past to bring about the destruction of our world. This is so they can rebuild it with one world government. Why? I will never understand.

  5. Rich Winlot says:

    get rid of the drama music dude!

  6. I think Europe will suffer WW3 at most. History repeats itself. 

  7. One world, One World Government, hmm… rather interesting, i''m ready, are you?

  8. Ted Parks says:

    Not gonna happen

  9. mr halvi says:

    6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons = the formula of all life
    it's got fuck all to do with satan or the fucking jews.

  10. FuckTheIRA says:

    Hey Friends …..!!!you are watching channel ABN News . clamining to be bbc world news hmmm muppet

  11. Saturn666 says:

    Black Sheep, I would rather pound your mothers dirty funk hole. Either of the two she has!

  12. Saturn666 says:

    The Mandela Effect is real!

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