USA Financial Terrorism: World War 3 & U.S. Dollar Collapse!!!


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  1. MrBat000 says:

    wow! exactly right! I fully agree. but U need to calm down meaaaan! I thaught u were about to take off from ur seat. Keep up good work.

  2. zehnsechz says:

    you give me goosebumps at the end of your clips

  3. eastbank418 says:

    hell yes, working on an MBA. lol 🙂
    what else can we do with our time, no work available.

  4. ajarnfrankie says:

    – Bravo! Best damn youtube presentation I have seen by any one person on here. However, he did forget to mention one thing, not only is it the blame of bankers and politicians, for the masses and those in denial…the people who go around calling 'truthers' 'conspiracy theorists'. Those who see nothing and know nothing. While they watch their families or friends lose their jobs, houses, etc. And then, finally realizing they are next…

  5. DizzzyKipper says:

    thank you the war with Japan was provoked and left them no option .Only for tpb to mandated income tax.

  6. @polygamous1 i've watched it very long but informative : )

  7. zickiedo says:

    Hi Chris, what is your take on the new laws going into effect next month concerning gold and silver trading. Will this affect the individual investor? Please reply.

  8. Gary Carlyle says:

    -25% is an understatement. ever heard of hyperinflation?

  9. Gioxtream says:


  10. The lemmings still wouldn't see it if it hit em like a ton of bricks. Just go out and observe the public. Everything is fine as long as Walmart is open.

  11. Joseph Buddy says:

    About 1940 the FRS replaced the US Treasury, May 20, 2007 the IMF replaced the FRS, SS5 form is now required, the US Treasury is intentionally bankrupt for several decades, there is no US Treasury or FRS. The FRB will be audited & file bankruptcy. The alphabet economy becomes the digital economy, then the Global Bank Corp. prints the new global currency, GO-BANCOR-GO!

  12. ShadowVat says:

    I love how you make it right to the point, and if no one comes out with a hit on you, I say keep doing what you are doing best, Id like to ask as well. If i got $ for a Accident when i was a kid but its all held up in the banks now with Locks on it every 5 YRS, would it be smart for me to take my $ out B4 someone like these people u say take it from me. or b4 it looses its Value ? what is your Opinion YouTube and most off, i want to know from ""Chris Green"" if you have any Questions please ask.

  13. Wow. Well said. Good on you.

  14. The Truth Revealed..


  15. dimitarie says:

    Just the last day I learned about the gaddafi propaganda, shit I've been deluded!

  16. dimitarie says:

    Very informative videos btw

  17. dambigfoot says:

    ww3 is every continent

  18. This is crap,crap,crap

  19. Americans will rue the day they allowed liberal, white traitors to put a mulatto/muslim in their White House and in control of their military. Ignorance has its price, too.

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