USA Vs China In World War 3 Top Secrets – Full Documentary 2016 (Updated)


USA Vs China In WW3 Top Secret Plans Full Documentary (Updated)


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  1. Without atomic bomb on doard no go is danger

  2. Uma guerra deste magnitude neste século, pode esperá jesus voando com seus anjinhos pelo céu de luz.

  3. A raiva que Chinês tem de Americano e allah de Deus não sobraria nem zumbi pra contar a história. Muslim não odeia Americanos ao contrário eles adoram se não todos voltaria pra Arábias. isso é conversa pra boi dormi, Muslim tem medo das leis Americanas. a Chineizada odeia a America por causa da bomba atômica que soltaram no Japan. ele também querem os tentarem não duvidem

  4. Chris Farr says:

    american is always telling countries what they can & can't do! wtf?

  5. the USA is invading and starting bullshit in every country can't blame them.

  6. Let china take over we could never win them

  7. Der Fuhrer says:

    USA is not in a mood to repay his debt… So he is gonna wipe out the Chinese ass :)

  8. I've always said get the Chinks and the Russians out of our countries they are bad mother fuckers

  9. I used to have a dog called Kim it was far better looking than this Ugly Yellow Skin fucker

  10. Kenny Do says:

    If you wait 5 months the islands are going to be populated with 5 milligrams be people.

  11. its the USA which changes stories so constantly that no one notices the change in their story….. as far as others (like putin) changing stories, yeah sometimes they are necessary in todays world to get the job done..

  12. Watch out for Typhoons you nut job china you.

  13. matcraizy says:

    China dose not want war. Maybe the stupid USA wan't to war because you are against Communist eh!

  14. Paul Jordan says:

    The us are so scared of China but China don't want a war it's us needs to mind their own fucking business and keep their noses out of China's business
    China should shoot down the spy plane

  15. United Nations people. Federal Reserve, I.M.F. I can just imagine New Yorks United Nations building to Astana. Evil Satanic World leaders. Thus, a war against humanity! Remember who the enemy is.

  16. Donnie Murdo says:

    why is the Chinese speaking English if they don't know who they are?

  17. USA should be nuked and totally destroyed. The curse of the world.

  18. They wont allow a nuclear weapon to detonate on either side PERIOD


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