Using Fake Intelligence to Justify War on Iran


by Michel Chossudovsky

Washington is in the process of concocting a new string of lies pertaining to Iran’s nuclear program with a view to justifying the implementation of punitive bombings.

Threats directed against Iran have been ongoing for the last eight years. Fake intelligence has been used to justify these threats. 

There are indications, however, that this time the Western military alliance is not “crying wolf”. 

In the wake of the war on Libya, the implementation of an air campaign against Iran is currently on the drawingboard of the Pentagon.

The operation, were it to be carried out, would involve the active participation of  Britain and Israel.

The criminal process of fabricating lies to justify a military agenda must be understood. 

Without the lie, the US-NATO Israel military alliance has no leg to stand on. Iran does not constitute a threat to Global Security or to the security of Israel.   

The antiwar movement must forcefully address the role of these lies and fabrications.

Without the Lie, the military agenda has no legitimacy in the eyes of public opinion.


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  1. spsyed says:

    Would Iran unconditionally surrender its natural resources to the US-EU imperialists, and consent to full invasion and occupation? Would that save Iran from imperial bombings Iran to stone-age? Who is next? Syria, Pakistan, China, Russia, India? Where and when would it stop?

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